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Jeff Comer, Healthcare CEO, Discusses Finding Your Drive


Jeff Comer Featured in Exclusive Online Interview

SITKA, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, September 10, 2020 / -- CEO Jeff Comer, a successful leader in the Arizona healthcare industry, formerly residing in Sitka, Alaska, spoke on the topic of life influences and finding what drives you in a recent interview with Thrive Global.

Based in Cave Creek, Arizona, Jeff Comer has spent the past 20 years working as a CEO for various healthcare organizations ranging from small hospitals to billion-dollar multi-site domestic and international operations. He has focused much of his career helping hospitals that are struggling and at risk for closure to remain open. With a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Master’s in Health Administration under his belt, Comer is currently working towards his Doctorate in Psychology from California Southern University.

Comer shared with Thrive Global that it was through life’s influences and thoughtful reflection that he determined his ultimate goal and driving force.

“I do want work to be meaningful and to be successful in my profession, but I now realize that other aspects of life are more central to my beliefs. I want to be known as a good husband and dad; an animal lover; a person who tried everything and lived life; a person who never quits; and someone who impacted other people positively,” said Comer.

Moving forward with his Doctoral studies in Psychology, Comer’s dissertation research focuses on stress reactivity and how to manage it. Jeff Comer plans to continue in his leadership roles but also wants to help others manage stress and live happier lives.

“I am particularly interested in working with executives and busy professionals to help them learn how to reduce their stress levels and achieve better performance at work and improved balance in life,” said Comer. “That has become my true professional passion in life.”

During the interview, Comer also offered his own advice for others seeking to determine their own driving force and career goal.

To new graduates and young professionals, Jeff Comer stressed that they should not pursue something just because they believe it is expected of them or is what they should do.

He added that motivation and stress management are also critical to success and determining one’s ultimate passion, stating that “controlled breathing engages the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms the mind and body” and helps us to achieve focus and clarity.

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About Jeff Comer

With a background in psychology and health administration, Jeff Comer has developed a 20-plus-year career as a chief executive officer (CEO) in the healthcare industry. Working with organizations that have ranged from small hospitals to billion-dollar multi-site domestic and international operations, Jeff Comer has successfully led turnaround management efforts, helping struggling hospitals take difficult steps to remain open. Outside of his career, he has also served on many non-profit boards and community agencies, focusing on fundraising and development. Currently, he has taken steps to begin a new and exciting career by pursuing his Doctorate in Psychology.

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