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Onlive Server Launched Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting with Higher ROI and Ultimate Hosting Specification

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Singapore Dedicated Server

Singapore Dedicated Server

Singapore Dedicated Server Plans

Singapore Dedicated Server Plans

Onlive Server Logo

Onlive Server Logo

Onlive Server provides Singapore dedicated server hosting that can help to save the traffic like none of the other server hosting available on today’s market.

GHAZIABAD, UTTAR PRADESH, INDIA, September 10, 2020 / -- Nowadays, it’s quite common to enhance business through the internet. For that, the user must need to have an individual server for the company. VPS or Shared hosting server will run greatly as long as a site has limited traffic. But, once the business website gains popularity, the user will need to think of employing more advanced servers. The Client can go for a cheap Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting that not only provides performance but also offers the user the freedom and full control over the server.

It is a great solution to get a quick and fast loading site with a wondrous user experience. Almost half of the work of the company will be completed by selecting a cheap dedicated server hosting provider. Furthermore, it’s a server that is committed to serving a single business or client.

If the user is unaware of how it can help the user to increase the ROI, then the user can have a look at the section described below. Here we are about to discuss some of the most amazing features of a dedicated server that can help the user to understand the importance of this server. So, let’s start.

The facility of Data Centers

Most of the dedicated server providers work with a collaboration of data centers. Such data centers are powered by dual power supplies, DG set, enterprise-level HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, and so on. So, the user will definitely get robust recovery as well as backup systems by employing a cheap dedicated server.

High Bandwidth Servers
A high bandwidth dedicated server has the ability to provide a huge amount of traffic, a large volume of data transfer, file hosting, game servers, multimedia contents (video streaming, audio files, etc.), and another necessary web app. All of these can help the user to run the business processes in a proficient way.

Robust SLA
The SLA (Service Level Agreement) of the Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting provider is more comprehensive than any guarantees. It is essential to monitor the quality of services provided by the provider. Moreover, it also helps to bring the quality of services to satisfy the expectations of the clients.

Setup and Upgradation
By employing a dedicated server hosting the user will don’t have to worried about the setup process. The service provider will complete the setup process on the behalf. Furthermore, they can also help the user to update the server.

Protection Against Viruses and Spams
The Client will also, get antivirus and anti-spam apps with a cheap dedicated server. These apps can help the user to keep unwanted or awful viruses and malware away from the system. Moreover, it will also ensure that viruses and malware never enter the mailbox.

Peace of Mind with Round the Clock Support
With dedicated server hosting the user will also get an efficient support team of engineers, technicians, and managers. They have a deep knowledge of the industry in order to satisfy the comprehensive needs of the client’s 24X7 basis. Apart from these, they are always available to maintain the server in a proper way.

Know the Reason Why Select Singapore Dedicated Server

There are several causes to choose a dedicated server hosting plan. Some of them are as follows:

Rank Better in Search Engine Result Page:
If the user has just started a new business in Singapore, then it makes sense to employ a dedicated server stationed in the nation. By doing this, the user can rank the business website better in local SERP (Search Engine Results Page). As the user knows, a better rank indicates more quality leads as well as extensive ROI.

Expanding Economy:
Undoubtedly there is no better country to start the company than in Singapore. As most of the multi-billion businesses started their operations here. Employing a cheap Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting can be the first step to capture the market of the country.

Competitive Price:
While dedicated server hosting is easily available in the market, servers throughout the world are not as inexpensive as those in Singapore. Even for companies that are not running here, it makes thought to order hosting services from here.

Certified Experts:
IT Specialists in Singapore are acknowledged for their extensive knowledge. So, there is no doubt that the service is not bound to run into any problems.

Dedicated Server Hosting FAQs
What is the Difference Between VPS Server and Dedicated Server Hosting?

The dedicated server hosting is a secure hosting framework where a physical server is assigned to helping the requirements of an exclusive consumer only. A physical server can be sliced into different virtual pieces in Virtual Private Server VPS hosting. Apart from this, VPS servers are quite alike to a cheap Singapore Dedicated Server Hosting. But, here the performance may be endangered because of the massive workload.

Is it Possible to Upgrade A Dedicated Server to a Cloud?
Regrettably no - a dedicated server can’t be upgraded to a Cloud. But, there is the option of migration. The Client can perform the updating process only from shared to dedicated or VPS, and also from VPS to a dedicated server hosting. On the other hand, the migration of servers is a complex process that involves removing the current server account and attainment of the domain to a new server.

How many Websites can be Hosted on a Cheap Dedicated Server?
It entirely depends on the requirements of the resources of the websites. Sometimes, it also depends on the number of visitors to the website as well as on CPU usage.

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