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Imperium Group Introduces Lyrical Genius and Rapper Jiwanta Panday

Los Angeles, CA, Sept. 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Imperium Group is pleased to introduce Jiwanta Panday, an upcoming rapper who has caught the attention of many. Jiwanta was born on January 17, 2003 and he moved from his native city in Kathmandu, Nepal to Irving, Texas in 2006. Bound for the stage he relocated to Euless, Texas in early 2016. He has always had a love for music and always dreamt of having his own song for others to listen to. Jiwanta began taking his career seriously in 2019 where he started paving his rapping career. He takes after the inspiration of some of his favorite top artists such as Drake and Meek Mill. Creating music came very naturally to Jiwanta and after deciding to release a couple of songs on soundcloud to start his career he quickly found success. His songs began to gain popularity and before he knew it he had fans encouraging him to release more and more music. All this support is what has led him to release 19 tracks on soundcloud accumulating over a million plays on SoundCloud as well as getting signed by Trap Money Records. 

Jiwanta takes his musical creation very seriously and it reflects through his meticulous technique. He sits down with the beat that he has created and spends time sitting and writing as well as practicing his music before he decides to start recording. He brings in other people as well to listen to his music so that he can pick up on and improve on anything that he may have missed. It really is a careful process to create each and every track. He has spent a lot of time tinkering and experimenting with all his different sounds and although he is inspired by his favorite top artists, he always stays true to his own sound and never tries to sound like anyone but himself. By taking time sampling different sounds and going out of his comfort zone, he has found a signature sound that catches the attention of all his fans. Jiwanta creates music based on how he feels so the music that he produces is a direct representation of how he is feeling which creates a transparent relationship with his fans. He values his fanbase over everything else and credits them for being the motivation and the reason why he has been able to create the lucrative career that he has. In the very beginning of his career he was overwhelmed by the amount of support that came flooding in from fans on the internet. 

It is astonishing how much Jiwanta has been able to do in the brief few years that he has been in the rap scene. At the age of only 17 he has already started a whole career for himself and with this much momentum under his feet there is no doubt that he will only keep going up from here. There is a lot in the works for Jiwants so you will definitely want to keep an eye out for this young and promising artist. 


Shazir Mucklai
Imperium Group

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