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Aicoosoft the #2 Ultimate Video Converter now more affordable

Aicoosoft, a video software developing company released its most affordable and versatile video converter tool, becoming a global favourite.

KOWLOON, HONG KONG, September 8, 2020 / -- A new video converter tool, suitable for both Windows and Apple devices has recently made headlines, as Aicoosoft, the company behind the second most popular video converter software joyously shares how their new tool is more affordable and versatile than market competitors. A spokesperson for Aicoosoft shared that their software is more functional, yet budget-friendly.

Aicoosoft has gained a lot of attention recently, as their new video converter has managed to rank in thousands of satisfied customers overnight. The new video converter tool has already quickly become the second most popular choice among users, with Uniconverter heading the competition and Movavi Video Converter in third. Media and public relations spokesperson for Aicoosoft openly shared, “we have worked hard to offer customers a product that’s both versatile, boasts multiple functions, and can also work on both Windows Mac computers.” He goes on saying that “Aicoosoft Ultimate Video Converter is designed with the user in mind, we wanted to create a product that can cater to anyone and everyone.”

The video converter tool has made competition quite challenging, as the new converter tool hosts a variety of new features and functions which doesn’t come standard in other tools. The new video tool will cost users $39,99, once-off, and will enjoy lifetime access to video converting, video editing, video downloading, video recording, video compression, and convert DVDs.

The company has set out to deliver a product that categorizes the most important functions of video editing tools, focusing tirelessly on bringing
software that will accommodate an all-in-one video editor element, has practical download features, and most importantly offers clients powerful conversion speed and processing.

“The development team spent more time on retrieving the most important aspects of what a video converter tool should be. We realized that having three main sub-categories to work on will offer us a better understanding of the type of product we want to deliver. Practicality, speed and processing, software support, and above all versatility gave us the chance to craft together something that can easily be enjoyed by a novice, mid-range, and veteran video editor,” shared the spokesperson.

Although the Ultimate Video Converter is only a sub-category of video conversion tools and software, Aicoosoft video software packs exciting new features such as 30X faster conversion speed supports multi-core processor optimization and GPU Acceleration, conversion to more than 1000 video formats and, has support to download HD and 4K quality videos.

Additionally, those looking to have an easy to use video editor tool will find peace of mind in its capabilities, having multiple video editor tools and being able to adjust videos according to prerequisites.

Other video converter tools, like that of Uniconverter and Movavi, have seen active global support but lack affordability. Offering quite similar, some different, and perhaps even more functions, these tools can cost anything between $60 and almost $120 once off. With many more citizens still working from home, and some taking the leap to become self-employed, more affordable software tools and developments such as these will only grow in popularity over the coming months.

“We know that many are looking for a product that can suit their requirements, having multiple functions, user-friendly, and above all – affordability. Our industry is packed with competitors who are constantly working to bring people more innovative and developed video editing and conversion software.” He goes on, “there is always room for improvement, and although we are constantly working to bring our customers the best we have to offer, we will always do our best to develop and deliver a product that has the user in mind, and most importantly the price.”

Aicoosoft already has over 2 million satisfied customers, including Australia, Canada, India, the UK, the USA, India, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France and etc. Their global reach has managed to quickly satisfy millions of users, creating a product that can be bought once-off, but also offering subscription-based and family packages. Aicoosoft took ten years of industry experience and ties it together in a product that has much to offer, but for a lot cheaper.

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