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MXXY Debuts Reimagined Hydration System

Partners with World Champion Climber Sasha DiGiulian

Mill Valley, CA, Sept. 01, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MXXY Outdoor, creators of the first hydration system that seamlessly allows athletes to carry and dial-in the perfect balance of electrolytes and water, introduced the MXXY Base Pack and Reservoir System via Kickstarter this morning. This innovative new pack includes MXXY’s patented Two-Reservoir system and Dilution-Dial to ensure peak performance. Easy-clean reservoirs, Single-Rinse tubing and a Leak-Free mouthpiece keep your MXXY clean and gunk-free so you can focus on adventure. 

“We’re excited to unveil the MXXY Base Pack to the public,” said CEO Drew Dawson. “As athletes who’ve spent more than a couple hours on a trailhead, we know that water alone doesn’t cut it. Our MXXY Base Pack lets any adventurer dial in their perfect balance of supplements on the go.” 

MXXY’s new Base Pack was designed with simple functionality and ease of use in mind. The Two-Reservoir system snaps together allowing athletes to easily carry both electrolytes and water in one pack. The proprietary Dilution-Dial has five settings to ensure the ideal mix of water and nutrition is delivered with a simple twist at any point during an outing. The desired liquid is delivered to the leak-free mouthpiece by a single tube. 

Despite these innovative features, MXXY designers succeeded in making this product easy to clean and gunk-free. The bladders are reversible, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA and PVC Free. MXXY’s proprietary pinch-valve technology ensures single-rinse tubing for easy cleaning. 

In order to ensure that the Base Pack was built to the highest athletic performance standards, MXXY partnered with World Champion Climber/Writer/Executive Sasha DiGiulian who serves as MXXY’s Chief Performance Director and advisor. Sasha’s role is long term and hands on, and over the next few years she will work with MXXY to develop high end products, build a community of athletes and ambassadors and make balanced hydration accessible to all levels of athletes. 

“I am thrilled to be a part of the MXXY Executive Team. MXXY's mission - to bring balanced hydration and lifestyle to athletes of all levels - has been foundational to both my athletic and personal achievements” explained Sasha DiGiulian. “By timing certain nutrients to match activity phases, you can specifically hydrate to perform at your best. Strategic hydration timing helps maintain energy, decrease injury risk and maximize recovery. I am excited to help build this incredible brand.”

With Sasha DiGiulian on board, MXXY focused on securing other best-in-class partnerships to ensure cutting-edge design, engineering and quality. MXXY’s Dual-Reservoir and leak-free mouthpiece were created by Oakland-based HydraPak, the leading manufacturer of hydration products. The Base Pack was designed and engineered by Whipsaw Industrial Design who has brought over 800 products to market, including Tonal, Uber Beacon and Google Trekker. MXXY also worked closely with strategic partner Elva Design Group, based in San Francisco. Elva created Yeti’s digital flagship, and brings their success and expertise to MXXY as not only employees, but shareholders as well. 

The MXXY Kickstarter campaign launched today at 11AM PST and will run through October 1st. The MXXY Base Pack + Reservoir System starts at $84.99 and will ship December 15th - perfect timing for your holiday gifts. 



Founded in 2017, MXXY is the first hydration system that seamlessly carries electrolytes and water. MXXY was built by four high school friends who grew up in Marin County, California - a playground for outdoor adventure. Along the way we learned that the outdoors provided the best way to find balance in a busy and often stressful life.

MXXY was born from the need to perform and feel at our best during a consistently active lifestyle.


ABOUT Sasha Digiulian: 

Sasha first began climbing at 6 years old, in 1998. She has won the World Championships for Female Overall, and has placed Silver in the Bouldering World Championships, as well as Bronze in the Duel. Sasha has been the undefeated panAmerican Champion 2004 to the present, and she is a three-time US National Champion. Sasha is a Red Bull and Adidas sponsored athlete who has disrupted the status quo of climbing by achieving objective greatness as a female athlete in a primarily male dominated field. She has used her platform to promote optimized athletic, political, and personal balance.


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