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Adrian Marcataio Discusses Life Influences and Achieving Success


Adrian Marcataio Featured in Exclusive 1 on 1 Interview

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MEXICO CITY , MEXICO , August 27, 2020 / -- Adrian Marcataio, engineer and entrepreneur within the energy sector in Mexico, spoke on the topic of life influences and leaving a positive legacy in a recent interview with Thrive Global.

Having worked in various positions over his now 23-year career — ranging from junior positions to CEO, advisor, and even owner — Marcataio has become well-versed in time management, organization, and setting priorities.

By honing these skills and changing his habits, Adrian Marcataio said that he’s able to succeed and maintain a healthy balance in both his personal and professional life. However, he attests that new developments in technology — such as video conference calls — have provided incredible support to his busy lifestyle.

“The biggest change in habit was organizing my schedule in such a way that I could spend most of my free time with my family, sharing activities with my wife and children, traveling together, and eating healthier,” said Marcataio. “But adapting to advances in technology has also had a very positive impact on my life, as we can do more and more things, develop business, and meet virtually.”

During his interview with Thrive Global, Marcataio also shared some of these key words of advice, directed towards new college graduates and young professionals.

Adrian Marcataio expressed that while new graduates may have left behind their years in the classroom, they should never stop building up their knowledge, especially if they hope to make their way up the corporate ladder.

“The best advice is that they should never stop learning, because they must know the processes of the companies from the bottom,” said Marcataio. “If they do that and approach their careers from that perspective, when they reach the top, they will know very well how the bases of their business are built.”

When asked about the most impactful lesson he has learned in his life, Marcataio stressed the importance of keeping our pride at bay, by remaining humble and always seeking to learn more and become better people — in both our career and in our personal life.

“Many times, our pride makes us believe that we have everything resolved. Money gives us peace of mind, but it also brings us problems if we do not know how to manage it,” said Marcataio. “Every day we must fight to maintain what we have achieved and if we can, try to generate something else.”

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About Adrian Marcataio

Adrian Marcataio has been working within the energy sector for more than 23 years. Over the years, Marcataio has served in numerous roles — ranging from a Supply Chain and Logistics manager all the way to CEO, Partner, Advisor, & Owner — with various businesses within the oil, gas, and power industries. While he is based in Mexico City, Marcataio has been exposed to several international work environments in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Middle, and Far East.

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