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Introducing Greenfilled: A Phytoplankton Driven Family of Wellness-Focused Nutritional Supplements Empowered by TetraSOD

Empowered by TeraSOD - A Sustainably-Sourced Marine Superfood

GREENFILLED - For Good Health

GreenFilled Brings the Ocean’s True Super Food

GreenFilled Products Empowered by TetraSOD®, A Sustainably-Sourced Marine Superfood

A Phytoplankton driven family of wellness-focused Nutritional Supplements

GreenFilled - What Feeds the Ocean, Now Fuels Your Life.

Immunity & Wellness, Memory Support, Energy, Joint Health, Optimized Athletic Performance, Greenfilled Brings the Ocean’s True Super Food, TetraSOD® to you.

We are pleased to make this nutritional powerhouse, that is also the foundation of all life in the ocean, available to consumers of all ages and in every part of the world.”
— Greenfilled Founder Carlos Unamunzaga
SAN JUAN DE AZNALFARACHE, SEVILLA, SPAIN, August 19, 2020 / -- A new business, Greenfilled is bringing the power of marine phytoplankton to a range of condition-specific premium-quality nutritional supplements. The company has carefully curated offerings that are available now on their website, which went live today. The power behind Greenfilled is a proprietary, clinically studied, and published marine superfood that contains unprecedented levels of a bioactive master antioxidant enzyme, SOD, that is fundamental to cellular and systemic wellbeing in all living cells.

Marine phytoplankton is the plentiful and natural microalgae that serve as the foundation of the ocean’s food chain as well as producing 50% of the oxygen we breath. Phytoplankton are the primordial first life form on the planet and have been adapting and surviving for eons amidst a dynamic array of challenges. This natural intelligence is now bioavailable to us as TetraSOD®.

For human nutrition, phytoplankton is a superfood, with a nutritional profile of more than 55 minerals, vitamins and nutritional components including carotenoids, phenolics, and bioactive enzymes. According to scientific literature, it also contains a “master antioxidant” with the ability to help support optimal function in the face biochemical and oxidative stress. Specifically, the TetraSOD® in Greenfilled’s formulae can aid in the neutralization of “free radical” oxygen molecules that when uncontrolled can lead to tissue degradation and less than optimal function.

The TetraSOD® in Greenfilled supplements comes from the cultivation of Tetraselmis chuii, in a sustainable and controlled process that actually sequesters carbon dioxide while never exposing the growing algae to environmental contaminants, a risk with wild harvest or outdoor farming. The minimally processed and pure algae-based ingredient serves as the foundation of each of the company’s sophisticated nutritional formulas, each designed to optimize specific body systems and highlight universal appeal of TetraSOD®. TetraSOD® is exceptionally high in Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a group of enzymes present in every healthy cell, that prompts the “dismutation” of dangerous free radicals into safe and healthy molecular oxygen.

“As our lives become increasingly stressful, we are grateful to bring forward a family of nutritional products that are ideally formulated and accessibly priced,” said Greenfilled Founder Carlos Unamunzaga. “We are pleased to make this nutritional powerhouse, that is also the foundation of all life in the ocean, available to consumers of all ages and in every part of the world.”

“Through these new formulas, we are not only committed to promoting and increasing the wellness and vitality that can lead to optimal health and vibrant living,” Unamunzaga continued, “we are also moving forward in a very real and authentic way with our mission of protecting the oceans and improving the health of our planet. Healthy humans can only exist as part of a healthy system and we are delighted that Greenfilled will contribute significant resources to ocean wellness.”

As part of our “Go Live Celebration” for the new website, Greenfilled has created a limited time offer of 25% savings on any three Greenfilled advanced nutritional formulae and free shipping.

About Greenfilled

Greenfilled LLC offers sustainably sourced and optimally formulated nutritional supplements featuring TetraSOD®, a clinically studied marine phytoplankton superfood that supports every cell in a healthy body while simultaneously healing our environment. Our mission is the creation of natural products that provide both you, and our planet, with optimal health. For more information about Greenfilled and its innovative nutritional products, visit For more information contact Carlos Unamunzaga, Founder at Greenfilled.gree

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