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Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Answers the Question: How Early Should a Person Get Teeth Whitening?

BROOKHAVEN, GA, USA, August 18, 2020 / -- Dr. Frank Roach Dentist has provided teeth whitening to his patients for years. However, he has often been asked when is the right time to start with this process. Typically, he offers the same answer to each of his patients but often finds many insist on early whitening. That step isn't always a wise one, he says.

Teeth Whitening Shouldn't Be Started Too Early, Dr. Frank Roach Brookhaven Says

Over the years, Dr. George Frank Roach DeKalb has had many people come to him and ask what age is good to start whitening their teeth or those of their children. For adults, it's never too early or late to start – Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta even suggests whitening for older adults in their 60s and 70s. This process is simple enough that even their potentially damaged teeth can easily withstand it without issue.

And, he states, children as young as five years old can get teeth whitening. However, he argues against such action. After all, children at that age mostly have baby teeth, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta explains that it will fall out eventually. While it does not harm these teeth to whiten them, it is pointless because the child will ultimately lose a majority of those now pearly-white teeth.

As a result, there is something of a controversy among dentists, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta states, regarding the proper age to start. Research finds that there is no lower or upper limit for this process, meaning that it can be done on people of all ages. But Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta is one of many who suggests starting later.

The Best Time to Start

Although Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta will perform teeth whitening for a young patient if their parent insists, he usually suggests that his clients wait until their child is at least 13 or 14 to start with whitening. At this point, he says that their teeth should all be grown into their mouth and strong.

Beyond that, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta also believes this age is an excellent time to start because the child's mouth and teeth should have matured to the point where they are not as sensitive to whitening. Studies show that people at this age – 13-14 – have less sensitive teeth than both younger children and adults. And by starting at this age, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta believes it is possible to get them acclimated to whitening processes.

Though some dentists may argue that 14 is too early, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta disagrees. The concern shown is that whitening may not affect late-erupting teeth, such as wisdom teeth. But since most of these teeth are removed, Dr. Frank Roach Atlanta doesn't think that this is an issue. Furthermore, he knows that the whitening factors also penetrate the enamel and move beneath the gums, helping to whiten teeth that haven't emerged.

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