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Luke Kohen: Quantum Healing For High-achievers, Leaders And CEOs

Bali, Indonesia, Aug. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Luke Kohen is a voice of inspiration and leadership on our planet as a speaker, heartist, poet, and ecopreneur.

For over a decade he has been powerfully co-creating with leaders and communities in solving society’s greatest challenges. Even at a young age, he was recognized by elders in his communities he was part of, as an ‘ancient one’, a young wisdom keeper and a man with powerful, rare, and sacred gifts.

Throughout his life he has been a chef, yoga teacher, musician, basketballer, martial artist – the true essence of what it means to be a multi-dimensional and multi-passionate being. Holistic and worldly in nature, Luke has always been one to live into his fullest potential, tapping into all areas of creativity and wisdom while selflessly sharing his unique gifts with the world and creating a lasting legacy.

He went on to create a 6-figure coaching business as he began to tap into his empathic and intuitive gifts as a healer.

Today he focuses on helping high achievers and CEO’s improve their performance through spirituality by awakening the mastery in them to bring a more intimate and holistic approach to relationships, culture, and health – ultimately finding joy and fulfillment in their business.

After a long period of indulging in self-destructive behaviours, his body shutdown on him at age 22 after heavy abuse of his body both physically in the form of exercise, and alcohol and harmful substance abuse. During a period in which he states he was living purely in mainstream consciousness, he woke up one morning unable to move and he needed a cane. This led him into a deep, dark hole of depression. He saw doctors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and had MRI scans but to no avail. He needed to find the answers on his own, which led him to an ever-lasting and expansive journey in stepping out of mainstream consciousness and into universal consciousness.

His moment of great awakening happened when he was sitting at home drinking tea from a cast iron teapot

Luke momentarily went inwards into what he calls the “living stillness of the universe”. He came out of this stillness realizing that feeling is what he had been searching for his whole life. His mind had no thoughts and he could finally feel he was coming back to his soul. He describes it as getting a part of himself back that he’d lost for so long, no longer looking for ways to escape reality like he once did.

When it comes to improving performance in business through spirituality, Luke believes many people overcompensate for their pain in their business, such as not feeling loved or not feeling enough. This is a sign that deep subconscious healing work needs to be done to identify any thought patterns or beliefs within the person that is in turn derailing the business. Luke states that people are so used to being stressed and functioning at high stress levels but their relationships, health, and happiness levels suffer, meaning this style of working is highly unsustainable and not regenerative.

Luke now helps his high-achieving and CEO clients with shadow work and healing trauma

He also helps his clients access source energy – the higher dimensional energy that has them connect to their higher self. He connects them with the intuitive part of their soul that is connected to unity and oneness, doing this with the purpose of having their soul be the primary driver of their life.

The reason why Luke believes that this reconditioning is essential to both the new paradigm and new age of entrepreneurship is because “someone’s business is simply an extension of their consciousness.”

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