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Why Adaptability Helped Some Businesses Survive and Thrive During the Pandemic

Businesses Surviving and Thriving During the Pandemic with Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing strategies help businesses during the pandemic

Create a digital footprint that will protect your business

One of the main reasons why businesses have been able to survive this worldwide pandemic is because of their abilities and willingness to go digital.

Businesses can absolutely heed this as a warning for what the future may hold and where digital marketing can take you.”
— Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults Digital Marketing Agency

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, USA, August 17, 2020 / -- There is no denying that the pandemic has adversely affected businesses of all sizes, both across the world and here in the United States. However, some businesses have been able to survive and even thrive in these difficult times thanks to their ability to adapt and keep up with the world around them.

Many different approaches have proven successful when it comes to helping companies evolve. Some have started to deliver straight to consumers instead of going to stores, while others have highlighted their cleanliness and safety standards, and many have stepped up their digital presence.

In fact, companies worldwide found that they were able to ramp up their digital marketing campaigns by listening to their customer bases and proactively reacting to their new wants and needs. Some businesses have even surpassed their previous growth prior to the pandemic.

For example, Pompanoosuc Mills – a contemporary furniture manufacturer and retailer company – turned to digital marketing back in March, implementing showroom tours on their website for customers to shop online. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, Pompanoosuc sold nearly $210,000 of deeply-discounted furniture in three weeks and closed their first Facebook Messenger order in its history. The power of digital marketing strategies – such as eCommerce sites and social media advertising – helped bring back workers that were previously laid-off and keep their eight retail showrooms active when social distancing restrictions were enforced.

Digital marketing helps companies rank better on search engines like Google and optimize their messaging to strategically convert potential leads into paying customers. It is a comprehensive tactic that addresses marketing B2B, B2C, and a mixture of both.

“By going digital, companies are able to meet the needs of consumers wherever they are - on their phones, on social media, or online. People are sitting at home, bored. They are also shopping and looking for things to buy.” said Zach Hoffman, CEO of Exults Digital Marketing Agency. “People who are working during this time aren’t spending as much money on their day-to-day lives, and they have more money to spend on things they want. Especially if you sell something that people can use during this new-normal.”

However, a company can’t just start Digital Marketing right away without a strategy, especially in today’s ever-changing economy. There are best practices that need to be followed and crucial steps to take in order to lay the foundation for a successful digital marketing campaign. Businesses need to proactively prepare for what the future may hold, as this pandemic has shown no one can really predict what next obstacle the business world will face - though this time has proven having an effective digital arm to a business is necessary and needed.

Hoffman further explained, “Businesses can absolutely heed this as a warning for what the future may hold and where digital marketing can take you. If you haven’t invested in taking the necessary steps to create a digital footprint that will protect your business, now is the right time to do it.”

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