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Social Media Entrepreneur AJ Cartas is Bridging the Culture Gap Between China and Western Brands

/EIN News/ -- Los Angeles, USA, Aug. 12, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- China’s population is vast, just short of 1.5 billion people. To put that in context, around 4 ½ times bigger than that of the US. Their spending power as a country is tremendous, and every brand and marketer in the west would like to take advantage of that potential, but few understand how. One entrepreneur that has cracked the code is AJ Cartas

Cartas is a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, who moved to the US as a 7-year-old. He attended College of Lake County in Grayslake, Illinois, before moving to Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 2015 to study Communications. Like many hi-tech movers and shakers, he dropped out of college and moved to Silicon Valley to begin his career in social media.

It didn’t take long for him to find his feet in this fast-moving environment, and his social media skills and ability to spot and work with influencers soon became recognized. As he worked as the Director of Social Media for ByteDance, he noticed an increasing desire for Western brands to reach Chinese consumers. He is also bringing international brands to markets here in the US and educating them on how to create and launch impactful social media campaigns.

As you may imagine, the Chinese consumer economy is also bigger than the US’s. In fact, while our Black Friday event brings in around $7 billion each year, the Chinese equivalent (known as Singles’ Day), produced over $40 billion in 2018. Cartas knew he had to be the man to bridge the gap. 

Cartas founded Syzygy Social, an agency designed to aid Western brands in their efforts to mesh with Chinese consumers. Social media campaigns utilizing influencers, both aspects of which Cartas understands intuitively, are the most potent weapon in the agency’s arsenal. Especially since he personally had over 1 million followers at the peak of his social media career.

Of course, Cartas’s success hasn’t simply come from spotting the right opportunity at the right time, it’s also a result of a fundamental understanding of Chinese culture and the way they interact with social media. We all know that the way social media works in China is completely different to here in the west, so you need an expert on your side if you’re going to see real results. 

So, if you’re a Western brand looking to enter the Chinese market, Cartas and his team at Syzygy Social should be your first and only consideration. Cartas is currently leading social media and rebranding for Kuaishou, Zynn’s parent company. 

Zynn is a California-based, short-form, video-sharing social networking platform, so the knowledge and expertise Cartas can bring to the table from this work cannot be underestimated. Zynn was launched on May 7, this year, and is likely to become a serious player as a Chinese social media platform. 

Cartas is a young, passionate, and open entrepreneur that has a sense of humor that makes him magnetic to listen to. Of course, with all this experience he also has a substantial amount to bring to the table, and speaks with authority and proven knowledge. He knows what Western companies need to do to make their brands big in China and connect with that massive and still a largely untapped market globally.

AJ Cartas is an exceedingly inspirational college dropout-turned entrepreneur, and even if you don’t yet have a brand big enough to need Syzygy’s services, he’s certainly worth following.

You can find more from him on his Instagram @aj.cartas and is author of the binge-worthy read, Start-Ups & Downs, which you can get here.  Of course, if you’re ready to tackle the Chinese market, make sure you get in touch with Syzygy as soon as possible. Also, if you’re looking to partner with a non-profit that advocates for equality, check out his non-profit, Our Damn Time.

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