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Celebrate National Relaxation Day With Sippin Syrup - The King of Relaxation

Katalyst Beverage’s Sippin Syrup, the Anti-Energy Drink, Uses a Balanced Blend of Herbs and Nutrients Designed to Relax You

BOCA RATON, FL, Aug. 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- It is time to slow down.

Everyone should take a deep breath as they count down the days until National Relaxation Day, which is this Saturday, Aug. 15.

Katalyst Beverage suggests that you drink Sippin Syrup, the anti-energy drink that is the king of relaxation, to celebrate this day of calm and tranquility.

“National Relaxation Day on Aug. 15 serves as a great reminder that everyone should chill, slow down, and relax,” said Ron Urban, owner and president of Katalyst Beverage, the parent New York-based company. “We created Sippin Syrup just for that purpose.”

Several years ago, Urban realized that the energy craze had taken over a society filled with stress, deadlines, and long hours.

“It was hard for people to find the time to relax, which is why we developed Sippin Syrup. Instead of the perfect pick-me-up, Sippin Syrup will help you relax when you need to sleep or unwind after a day at work or a hard workout,” Urban said.

Urban said many people don’t realize the many benefits of relaxing.

Stress is bad for your physical and mental health, but when you relax, you protect your heart, immune system, lower the risk of strokes, improve your memory, and reduce depression," Urban said.

Sippin Syrup decided this year to roll-out nationally four of its most popular flavors:

  • Sippin Syrup Purple, a sweet smooth grape flavor
  • Sippin Syrup Blue, a refreshing pomegranate-berry taste with no carbs, calories, or sugar
  • Sippin Syrup Kandy, a vanilla cotton candy flavor straight from the carnival
  • Sippin Syrup Mellin, a sweet watermelon/strawberry flavor

Sippin Syrup's proprietary relaxing blend includes traditional herbs used to relax, such as Chamomile, Lavender, and Melatonin, as well as Vitamins B-3, 5, 6, 12, and Zinc, which recent research suggests offer therapeutic benefits. Other ingredients are Valerian Root Extract, Rose Hips Extract, Skullcap Extract, and Kava Extract, all of which are traditional herbs that may relieve stress, reduce anxiety, and help you sleep.

Urban suggests that everyone start relaxing now as National Relaxation Day approaches.

“It is never too soon to unwind. Chilling is good for your overall well-being,” Urban said, adding that Sippin Syrup is a great way to start you on the road to tranquility.

For more information about Sippin Syrup or to purchase Sippin Syrup, visit Amazon.



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