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Newsletters Are Still Important In Today’s Business World. New website offers targeted newsletters for niche businesses

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No matter what business or industry an entrepreneur, manager, or CEO is involved in, one fundamental truth of business, regardless of size, is that information is power. What a company knows has a direct effect on what it can achieve, and what others know about that business is crucial in building up contacts, gaining new clients and customers, and, in some cases, maintaining a steady stream of investors ready to help a business grow.
One of the ways that a business can reliably do this was—and remains to this day—the humble newsletter. This is a very old form of marketing and education that has been in use for decades. Of course, today, in the 21st century, it has a modern twist. It no longer relies exclusively on being printed out and distributed to interested parties through the mail. That’s still an option, of course, but email newsletters are a faster, sometimes more cost-effective solution if quality printing for prestige/marketing purposes isn’t a priority.

What Is A Newsletter?
While a newsletter can have marketing and promotional functions, that is not the primary purpose of these documents. As the name suggests, business newsletters are designed to inform. In the case of businesses, newsletters may, with consent, or specific request from clients or customers, be sent to notify these parties of the latest developments, new products, or even changes to services that a business offers.
In other words, business newsletters are created primarily to keep those on the list “in the loop” about what a business is doing, and what developments, improvements or changes have occurred that may be relevant to recipients.

What Are The Benefits?
Maintaining a regular business newsletter, while useful to people on your list, is not a purely altruistic act. The presence of a newsletter has several benefits for the business itself. These are mostly marketing related benefits and do not necessarily translate into a measurable increase in sales or performance that way investing in new equipment or property do, but it is still important nonetheless. Some of the benefits of maintaining a quality newsletter for broadcast include:

There’s the old saying “out of sight, out of mind,” and it merely means that if someone or something hasn’t been visible for a while, people may forget about it. A regular newsletter update is a way to remind people on your list that you are still present, active, and working to provide the same products or services you always have.
Because newsletters aren’t “hard sells” the way more direct promotional works are, they are also less intrusive and aren’t as readily dismissed. They’re an excellent way to remind your audience that you and your product or service are there when the time is right.

One thing that newsletters share in common with brochures and other longer forms of direct mail is a capacity for education. Newsletters have the luxury of taking up as much space as required, meaning that more detailed explanations are much more feasible in this format.
This means that for businesses that have any major explanations required for customers or investors, a business newsletter is, by far, a more preferable way to get the message out versus social media, which often has size limitations, despite its reach, and video, which requires a significant production budget. The newsletter is the perfect tool for elaboration and detail.

Marketing & Promotion
Of course, if there are special events, the debut of new products, or changes to a service that are in the pipeline, this is precisely the kind of information that newsletters are good for. If you run a business for the general consumer, newsletters are a direct connection to keeping them engaged with service or inventory changes.

For B2Bs, or even financial businesses, such as investment, newsletters can be crucial for keeping clients informed about market changes or even investment opportunities that they need to act on fast if they want to capitalize on the possible returns.

The Digital Advantage
One thing that newer formats like email newsletter blasts bring to the table is a wealth of digital benefits. Because of the digital nature of the newsletter, as well as the online infrastructure that it is distributed through, newsletters broadcast through email have several features that can significantly benefit businesses. Chief among these benefits are:
Instant Distribution
Unlike traditional printed newsletters, there is no delay in sending out an email newsletter. Once you hit the “send” button or set your schedule to send it at an appointed time automatically, every single recipient will get that newsletter within seconds, if not instantly. There is no delay in a recipient on the east coast getting the newsletter later than a recipient on the west coast, for example, due to the delivery schedule of physical mail.
Lower Costs

There is a more significant financial investment in physical newsletter than there is in email newsletter broadcasts. One of the chief costs of physical media is production and distribution. Printing a newsletter costs money, and there is an additional cost incurred for mailing those newsletters to recipients. Email does away with both of these costs as no printing, and no postal service is required.

Data Analytics
Unlike printed newsletters, email newsletters can continue to send you back data after they are sent. The digital nature of email newsletters means that they are pure data that is continuously tracked. That tracked information can be sent back to you.
For example, email newsletters can inform you when they’ve been opened and read, so you know how many recipients—and where they are—that are taking the time to read them. Email newsletters can also include links, buttons, and other interactive elements. When users click on these links or push the “buy” button, once again, you are getting direct data about who is responding and where.
If you want to start building and maintaining a newsletter broadcast for your company, we can help. We provide a turnkey service that can help businesses learn the proper structure and approach for effective newsletters that can build the brand and promote the business.

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