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beSTREAM announces new updates dedicated to Vlog videos for business

The Vlog streaming platform announces new features and updates to enhance the overall user-experience, aimed at content businesses and marketing videos.

YOKOHAMA, KANAGAWA, JAPAN, August 8, 2020 / -- beSTREAM, a Japanese-based video storage platform for business and Vloggers launched on 10 July 2020 has recently announced the exciting upgrade of their platform. The new features will improve the overall user experience, offering a better user-interface and a multi-functional approach.

The official updates for the new beSTREAM Vlog platform are set to launch on the 7th of August 2020, making it more user-friendly. Users will now be able to use beSTREAM as a platform to store and work on their Vlogs in a professional way. The updated features make it possible for users to feel more at ease with the platform and its usability. A spokesperson for beSTREAM has shared that “We are excited about the updates, as it shows how we can improve and adapt our product to be more market-friendly.”

After launching early July, the company has received some positive feedback from its users, but the team has in time seen a need for upgrading certain elements and features. Initially, the company set out to create a platform where users can share their normal video content, but soon enough realized the greater need to re-think its technical strategy and make it more suitable for Vloggers and business.

Some of the new updates will give Vloggers more leniency on how they use the site, and the company also recently announced that a new mobile app will also be available early 2021. Currently, the services are rendered for free, but professional Vloggers or companies who want more out of beSTREAM for business, will be able to sign up for a paid subscription plan.

“We realized that there are a lot of amateur Vloggers and video content creators who love to use our site – and we will still offer the same great features and tech for them. Veterans and professional Vloggers will now be able to quickly manage their video content. We didn’t forget about big companies and businesses who make use of Vlog Advertisements, that’s why we thought the updates were needed,” shares the spokesperson.

Vlogging has quickly become a highly professional occupation, with many businesses and large corporations using Vlog Advertisement as a new marketing technique. With the growing demand for better interactive and personalized product and services advertisements, companies are paying big money to have the best quality Vlogs shared on their social media channels.

Although the core of beSTREAM is to create a space whereby Vloggers and businesses can seamlessly share their video content with other users – the platform is also available to everyday viewers who want to enjoy high-quality content. The new upgrades on the site will still focus on the quality and technical support, but viewers will have the opportunity to easily watch and switch between thousands of Vlogs.

Vlogging is one of the many creative elements that is rapidly changing how viewers will make use of video content to share and express ideas. Although the traditional idea behind Vlogging has become faded over time, many new and exciting developments in the industry are seeing a rapid increase in overall support, making it possible for Vloggers to be more connected with the world through sites such as beSTREAM.

A selection of similar sites and video sharing platforms are available to users and viewers, but the company has leaped to combine both the receiver and developer on one singular site. “beSTREAM is and always will be a creative space, where professional Vloggers can share their everyday lives with followers and others, while companies can find a place to store and use beSTREAM as a hub for communication with video, mainly using Vlog content. We’re always looking for ways to improve, even if that means rethinking our initial approach,” he notably shared.

With social media channels dominating the internet, and the world looking to make the shift towards an online and digital age, beSTREAM is at the forefront of the race. Billions of users around the world are constantly logged in to social media, with the latest research revealing that millennials and younger generations using Instagram and other social sites as their primary news sources.

The site has managed to gain some traction since its initial launch, but with the growing demand for better software development and video streaming platforms, beSTREAM will most likely become a leader in the industry combining Vlog and business.

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