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Swiss Basketball Star Kevin Madiamba is Ready for Olympic Success

Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kevin Madiamba is an experienced member of the Swiss Basketball League, most recently playing for Vevey Riviera Basket, who is ready to take to the courts in Tokyo in the new Olympic sport of 3x3 Basketball. But who is this Olympic hopeful we’ve all got our eyes on? 

Ascend Agency recently took a deep-dive into Kevin’s journey and growth. 

The son of Congolese parents, he grew up in the Romont region of Switzerland and began playing basketball at the age of 11. Just a year later, he moved to the Friborg Olympic Academy. At 15, he made LNB and LNA debuts, and his drive to push his career forward led him to move to the USA when he was 17, where he played in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, and numerous other places from coast-to-coast.

Madiamba took his training then just as seriously as he does today, putting in the hours every day to build up muscle and endurance. His time in the US transformed the rangy 198cm tall player who had arrived in the US tall and thin into the man he is today. His plan was always to return to Europe to further his career, which he did so at age 21. 

He became a naturalized Swiss citizen at the age of 19, and represented Switzerland at the World University Games in South Korea with the U25 national team. This was a fantastic experience for a young player, competing against some very big teams and winning three of their eight matches and setting him up with the perfect experience for Tokyo in 2021. 

From 2015-2017 he played for Geneva Lions before leaving to work as a risk management consultant for a large company in order to expand his experience and try something completely different. Still playing a little basketball he was persuaded to take up one month’s freelance play for Winterthur and in 2018 he returned to Fribourg Olympic. In 2019 he was hired by Vevey Riviera Basket playing for them until 2020.

Currently a free agent, Kevin is looking to the exciting new sport of 3x3 basketball which was selected in 2017 to be a new Olympic sport for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, originally scheduled to take place in June 2020 but postponed due to the pandemic until July 2021.

A fun and innovative new sport, 3x3 basketball developed from street games to be the world’s number one urban team sport. Fast-paced and very exciting it is played on only half of a conventional five-a-side basketball court with each team shooting into the same single hoop. Teams have three players a side, with one substitute. Each match lasts a maximum of 10 minutes and the winner is the team with the highest score or the first team to 21 points.

This sport is sure to be a real showstopper and very popular at the Olympics, especially among all those who played 3x3 basketball in some form as children. It is played in the open air against a backdrop of iconic locations in the city, and accompanied by non-stop music with DJs and break-dancers adding to the exciting atmosphere. 

No surprise then that a young and successful basketball player would be looking to this new sport for fresh challenges. Players have to be versatile all-rounders, skilled in both shooting and defence. Action is one on one, and as coaches are not allowed courtside this new type of basketball will really give Kevin Madiamba the chance to use all his experience of using strategy against an opponent as well as his great skill and coordination. We look forward to seeing him in action in World Class basketball again very soon.

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