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Decktopus disrupts the market with its next generation presentation tool

Users can create the perfect presentation in minutes with this $8 practical tool

With our browser responsive mobile support interface, we let our users view, create and edit presentations- app free.”
— Noyan Idin, the Co-Founder of Decktopus
SAN FRANSISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / -- Decktopus, an innovative online platform announces its next generation presentation tool, which is already subscribed and used by thousands of users globally.

Decktopus allows users to relieve the stress, time, and effort from creating presentations. More specifically, the tool allows users to seamlessly create presentations, including business proposals, homework, presentations, startup pitches, investor updates, client reports, brochures, sales decks and many more, by choosing a theme and entering their content. Decktopus does everything else, including design, alignment, size, color, and more.

An infographics Company Venngage conducted a survey in which the speakers spent over 8 hours when it came to designing a presentation, and 53% said they reused the same slide deck. According to the same research, the most difficult part about putting together their slide decks was figuring out how to summarize and condense their content to fit well in a
presentation. 70% of American employees believe giving captivating presentations is a crucial skill for work success while more than 40% of marketers’ budgets was spent on visual content creation. More people are investing more money in visual content production and seeing the value of visuals.

The Decktopus team noticed that current presentation tools were only augmenting the trouble that comes with this responsibility. While using existing presentation tools, one can get lost among many options, battle with structures, styles, and themes, struggle to find and place the appropriate content. Even if the content is ready, simply the formatting and design of the presentation prove to be no easy feat. There is also the risk of not creating the most effective and successful presentation for the appropriate content.

“Decktopus is here to revolutionize and transform the world of presentation-making. With our practical tool, you will create stunning decks in no time,” says Noyan Idin, the Co-Founder of Decktopus. The tool allows you to choose the type/topic of presentation you would like to create and then you are immediately presented with intuitively pre-prepared presentation structures and designs. The restricted amount of options that will be offered per topic domain alleviates the trouble of choosing from endless options. You simply have to choose the theme and enter the content. Unique template designs allow the user to change the feel and look of presentations quickly and easily. What’s more, any change in the style you make in one slide is automatically applied to all the other slides. This preserves the integrity of the presentation in a very simple way.

“We are starting to see the Decktopus signature everywhere already: real estate offerings, fashion design catalogs, business plans- all put together with yours truly. The intelligent platform even offers a content suggestion engine that recommends relevant quotes, royalty-free images, and gifs. Through the Premium user interface, you gain access to video tips to enhance your presentation skills, the ability to share your presentation easily with one simple link, and the potential to store the presentation online or offline. No other presentation tool allows you to access the complete set of product functionalities without downloading an app. With our browser responsive mobile support interface, we let our users view, create and edit presentations- app free. “ said Mr. Idin, who is planning to expand their operations in the US.

With a yearly subscription, users will save 67% bringing the monthly fee to only $8 if signed up at this link.

To find out more information about this groundbreaking tool, or to sign up for their free trial visit


About Decktopus:
Decktopus is a smart, yet simple online presentation tool that allows the user to create visually stunning and content-rich presentations in an extremely short time. The platform offers a seamless design & theme selection process, visuals, quotes and automatic auto-adjustments to preserve integrity in line with the content of the presentation. Once the presentation is complete users gain access to public speaking tip videos, the ability to invite other users to edit & view the presentation and to keep the presentation online or offline.

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