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Alex Geordan and Drug Testing Policies in Schools: What Parents Must Know

CANFIELD, OH, USA, July 27, 2020 / -- Superintendent Alex Geordan is a trusted expert on various educational elements and topics, including the importance of drug testing policies in schools. He recently discussed why he finds drug testing so necessary. In his discussion, he outlined these factors to parents and students to make it easier for them to understand these factors.

The Nature of Drug Testing, According to Alex Geordan

Over the years, Alex Geordan has seen many types of tests used to gauge drug use among his students. For example, urine tests can be useful when helping to find various kinds of drugs, such as cocaine, amphetamines, PCP, and many types of opioids. The methods utilized for these tests are often quite varied but usually include the use of randomized drug testing of potential users.

This randomized model is one that Alex Geordan superintendent understands is somewhat controversial for some. Many parents may find that this randomized testing can seem somewhat unfair or focused on students whom the school does not trust. However, Alex Geordan does not do randomized tests in this way. He believes that a random test should be genuinely random and done on students with straight As and trouble students.

The importance of randomized tests is critical, Alex Geordan says, for a few reasons. First of all, these help make sure that the tests feel fair to all involved and not unduly focused on a handful of students. And while some parents may doubt the legality of such tests, Alex Geordan understands that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in favor of such tests, making them entirely legal.

More Focused Testing Methods

Although random drug tests are an excellent method, Alex Geordan also knows that they cannot serve as the only way to check for drug issues. That's because many students may be skilled at hiding their drug use or may be noticed by teachers as a high-risk student. As a result, Alex Geordan finds that testing students at a high risk is a good step for ensuring that testing goes smoothly.
What defines a high-risk student? Alex Geordan says that a student who appears to be "high" – i.e., acting erratically or showcasing physical symptoms, such as red eyes or confused actions – may be tested. It all depends on various factors, Alex Geordan says, such as what teachers notice about the student and what principals and superintendents believe should be done as well.
And these types of tests are essential, Alex Geordan says because drugs have many short-term and long-term effects. He has seen honor roll students transformed into glazed-eyed stoners in a matter of months. Unfortunately, all of this drug abuse may cause students real cognitive damage, Alex Geordan says, and may haunt them legally for years. These reasons are why he encourages drug testing.

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