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James Feldkamp Discusses How the Covid-19 Pandemic Is Forever Changing the Way People Sail

James Feldkamp discusses how the Covid-19 pandemic could change the way people sail forever.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, July 16, 2020 / -- Sailing is often viewed as a leisure activity. However, the sailing world is diverse. Some sail competitively while some sail as a means of travel to new destinations. Others sail for fun on lakes and oceans near their homes. Avid sailor James Feldkamp recently discusses how the coronavirus pandemic has transformed the sailing world and how those changes may last longer than expected.

James Feldkamp explained that countries quickly went into lockdown when the pandemic took hold of the world. This put sailing on hold for an indefinite amount of time. Now, as lock downs ease, sailors or heading back to the seas, but everything looks a bit different.

"The regattas many of anticipate all summer have been canceled, sailing schools have been suspended, and charters are implementing serious safety measures regarding the pandemic," James Feldkamp said. "While some of these changes may be fleeting by next summer, we expect many to remain the same."

James Feldkamp explained that he expects charters and other companies that take groups sailing to implement serious safety measures for the foreseeable future. These companies will continue to provide hand sanitizer, hand-washing stations, masks, and sometimes even temperature checks. James Feldkamp stated that these measures will have to remain in place until the public feels more comfortable and socializing within 6-feet of each other is deemed acceptable.

"We're seeing a major shift in the way people buy sailboats, as countless boat shows around the country have been canceled," James Feldkamp said. "Distributors and smaller boat builders are not too upset about this change, as they can be a drain of time, energy, and money.

"James Feldkamp explained that traveling to boat shows is often a drain on distributors and smaller companies, as they must transport numerous vessels and staff members for little gain. James Feldkamp explained that this may be a change that sticks, as these distributors will notice fewer expenditures due to a lack of boat shows. He added that these shows have been seen as an old-fashioned way to make sales in recent years, while similar industries have put shows on the back burner and focused on digital marketing tools.

"We're also seeing a major shift in the way people travel via sailboat," James Feldkamp stated. "Travelers who normally sail up and down the U.S. coast and south into the Caribbean or Mexico are being much more selective about where they go, and marinas are being selective too."

James Feldkamp explained that for the foreseeable future, marinas and ports will be drastically more strict about who can enter. Travelers will have to be prepared to take temperature checks and even COVID-19 tests in some cases. He explained that sailors can expect to see these changes for the remainder of the summer and possibly even into 2021."

These changes are all implemented to keep us safe as sailors and citizens," James Feldkamp said. "Some of the changes will be short-term while others may stick for years or even decades to come."

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