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LAS VEGAS, NV, US, July 7, 2020 / -- The widespread “arrival” of the Internet in the 1990s has changed many things about the way people live, and businesses operate. As with any significant change, such as the arrival of the automobile, some industries, like “wagon-wrights” could no longer compete. In the same way, the advent of the Internet changed businesses in many unexpected ways, such as changing the way people consumed music and bringing about the end of larger retail chains, like Tower Records, or even big bookstores chains such as Borders.

In other ways, however, the Internet has helped businesses in unexpected ways. Despite the availability of information online, for example, people still need—and often prefer—to get physical items, and if it can be delivered to their door, so much the better. This is one way that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide can help businesses by providing valuable catalog and magazine mailing lists.

The Story Of Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a 100% American business that is owned and operated by a disabled veteran. After making the sacrifice to serve the country, the decision was made to continue professional growth and help the American business community at the same time. So Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide got its humble start in its home region of Las Vegas, Nevada. Now years later, the management of this growing enterprise has over 50 years of combined marketing and sales experience. We can turn your start up company or small company into BIG BUSINESS!

When Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide first began, it was in the per-Internet era with one of the older and most effective forms of marketing, direct mail. Throughout the decades, this form of marketing has continued to remain productive. It is still practiced by Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide even today. The growth in this area of marketing resulted in the company expanding well beyond its local roots. Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide serves clients in every state of the country, including Hawaii and Alaska. Lists are now available for other countries as well, such as Mexico and France across the Atlantic.

Print Is Not Dead
With the arrival of digital content, many people predicted “the death of print.” While there have been some changes to the way print media is produced and distributed, the idea that print is fading in popularity and usefulness is far from correct. eBooks, for example, have not decimated the traditional print book market. In fact, younger generations of readers, such as Millennial's prefer print to digital consumption.

In the same way, magazines and catalogs, though older forms of media and marketing have lost very little efficacy in the digital era. Print is a tactile medium, and quality photographs in print are still an effective means of getting the point across. Print also has the virtue of being easily accessible in that it requires no Internet connection or electronic display to be consumed. It’s always there, ready to go.

As a result, catalogs and magazines still have appeal to the general public, and not just the older demographic of “Baby Boomers.” A quality magazine or catalog, delivered to someone’s mailbox, gets more attention, Unlike digital marketing, it is also much easier to keep in mind since it is a separate, isolated unit, rather than one email in a pile of mails, or a banner or a post that is quickly scrolled past on a social media account. Print has a physical presence, and when it is done well, it maintains that presence in a home or business.

A Unique Form Of Marketing
Catalogs and magazines may be an older format, but they still play a useful and relevant role in today’s marketing. The catalog is itself a staple of home shopping. In the past, catalogs were limited to two types of usage. They would either entice potential shoppers to go to a physical location to buy the item or if when offered, allowed shoppers to order the item through the mail and have the purchase delivered to their home.

In the 21st century, ordering items for home delivery has become easier than ever, thanks to the Internet. With the rise of new health concerns, such as COVID-19, physical shopping has become more limited and regulated in different states in the country. As a result, the catalog has gained new relevance as a way for people at home to peruse items of interest, but the catalog is now bolstered by the Internet rather than hurt by it. The catalog acts as a gateway to making an online order, which is much faster and more convenient than the traditional ordering by mail, which was very slow due to postal delivery times, or even ordering by phone, which required communicating sensitive information, such as credit card numbers, to another party. Internet purchases now make catalog shopping a faster, more efficient process, without compromising on the marketing qualities that make the catalog itself a compelling sales mechanism. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has lists for catalog mailing for virtually every type of targeted consumers. Ramp UP SALES Today1

Reaching Your Audience
Of course, the most effective kind of marketing is targeted marketing. A business that specializes in geriatric products, for example, is better served promoting itself to a retirement community, rather than a college dorm. This is where Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide provides the most value to clients.

We have extensive experience and records in specific demographics, based on a wide range of different profile characteristics. These databases are meticulously compiled for every state and are continuously reevaluated to ensure they remain current and relevant to client interests. This ensures that when clients target a specific market, they get a much higher response rate due to the careful curation of leads generation. Sprint Data Worldwide Solutions is committed to helping businesses get more from their marketing dollars not by targeting as many random customers as possible but precisely targeting the markets that will respond best, divided by categories like:
• Age
• Ethnicity
• Debt
• Age of Children
• Renter
• Homeowner
• Income
• Marital Status
• Mortgage Data
400 Different Lifestyles Selects Available
• Geography
• Veteran Status

And much, much more. If you want your catalogs and magazines to get into the hands of your market, we can help. Come to Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide and let us provide you with the catalog and magazine direct mail lists that will make a difference. Pick up the phone or send an email and Sprint Data Solutions with have your telephone doing the twist right on your desk with NEW CUSTOMERS ready to purchase.

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