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The Adam Olsen Team is rising to prominence among Texas-based real estate agents

Adam Olsen

Adam Olsen

The top-ranking team has managed to attract multiple clients and support charitable causes.

Making a house a home is something we value. We take pride in helping our clients to the best of our potential, making every transaction a unique and memorable experience.”
— Adam Olsen Team Spokesperson
HUNTSVILLE, TEXAS, US, July 10, 2020 / -- The Adam Olsen Team from Huntsville, TX is not your typical real estate team, they make sure no client is neglected offering combined services and expertise to each and everyone of their clients. They also make supporting charitable causes part of who they are as a team and what they stand for as a business. The company has been named one of the top 30 out of 40,000 real estate agents in sales in the greater Houston area by Moreover, they’ve managed to be named as the #1 sales team for 2019 in Walker County, and their influence continues to grow in a struggling 2020 market.

The United States real-estate market may be a bit volatile at the moment, amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, but has not lost much ground since the strong debut it made at the beginning of 2020. Throughout this troublesome period, the Adam Olsen Team has never stopped focusing on the greater good of their clients and community. “Making a house a home is something we value, and it’s our business, we offer everyone we work with that opportunity. We take pride in helping our clients to the best of our potential, making every transaction a unique and memorable experience. ” said a spokesperson for the company.

Owner, Adam Olsen has become a notable figure, creating a well-deserved name for himself and his team. Since starting out in the industry, Olsen has managed to become a guest speaker at various business seminars with prominent entrepreneurs from different industries such as Steve Wozniak, Barney Waters, Ndaba Mandela, Dr. Phil McGraw, and Mel Gibson to name just a few.

The Adam Olsen team manages to stay relevant even during challenging times. Their core business model is based on the combined effort, skills and knowledge of each individual that makes up their top ranked real-estate team. Today, Adam and his Team handles various high profile portfolios but manages to stay grounded and uses an open-minded approach for any difficult challenges that may arise. The trained real-estate team not only helps people sell and buy properties and houses, they walk people through the whole process and ultimately help them choose the best option for them. The team doesn't just stop there, they believe in using their business exposure to help make a difference in the greater community, creating awareness and raising funds for worthy causes.

“We want to cater to the greater good of the people. Currently, we are members and associates with Wounded Warrior, the Lone Survivor Foundation, Open Your Purse For Change, and the Huntsville School District. Our initiatives are community-based, placing focus on the betterment of all livelihoods, both in Walker County, but in the greater state of Texas too,” tells the spokesperson.

Transforming their vision, and keeping sight of the future, Adam Olsen and Team have become a solution-based company. Their approach is to offer a wide array of options while catering to their client’s needs along the way. The team steers clear of more traditional and out-dated approaches, leveraging the benefits that social media platforms can offer to grow and build their business.

With a keen eye for marketing, lead generation and a strong social media presence, the company has built brand awareness through unique content creation and consistency reaching more and more people each day. Thus it is no surprise that they’re ranked as the #1 real estate team on social media in Texas, with over 60,000 Instagram followers and 78,000 Facebook followers.

After announcing a rebranding in 2018, Zillow a leading online real estate database sought out to review some of America’s best real estate brokers. Zillow carefully selects real estate agencies based on their overall performance, awarding them a score for customer satisfaction. The Adam Olsen Team managed to claim a top-ranked position, with lucrative listings, above-satisfactory customer service, and well-educated agents.

In the months preceding the Covid-19 pandemic the residential real estate market sentiment was quite healthy nationwide and was projected to increase. The current situation has only postponed this positive outlook in the short term and residential real-estate is considered a solid investment showing resilience in the long term. It is also important to point out that the housing market, post great recession, is far more healthier and based on solid investments and credit.

Although these times may seem challenging to many companies, the Adam Olsen Team has given real estate a different face, from their prominent social media presence to the ways they give back to the community. They aspire to play a vital role not only in the real estate industry but also by contributing to worthy causes and charities that support issues they have passion for- ultimately helping improve the quality of other people’s lives.

For more information about the company’s accolades and the charities that they support you can visit their website or their social media platforms.

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