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CRN issues new document for refugees in Angola

Luanda, ANGOLA, July 1 - The National Council of Refugees (CRN) is preparing to issue the new identification document for refugees in Angola, thus ending with the current statements, untrustworthy receipts susceptible to forgery. ,

The decision is expressed in the final communiqué of the 2nd Plenary Meeting, which took place this Tuesday in Luanda, under the guidance of the president of this body, João da Costa Dias, director general of the Migration and Foreigners Service (SME).


The Council also guided the creation of conditions for the implementation of the clause of cessation of refugee status in Angola, and the refugees covered in this process are those of Rwandan, Liberian and Sierra Leonean nationality.


It analysed, among others, the models for registering citizens covered by the assignment clause and the terms of accession for transition to the Legal Regime for Foreign Citizens in the Republic of Angola, as well as the dates for implementation and conclusion of the process.


According to the Council's coordinator, "the situation of refugees in Angola should be resolved as soon as possible, as this is the express guidance of the president of the Republic".


The CNR includes the ministries of Interior, Culture, Environment and Tourism, Health, Foreign Affairs, Defence and Veterans of the Homeland, Finance, Justice and Human Rights, Territorial Administration and State Reform, Public Administration and Social Security, Family and Women Promotion, with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) as observer.