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Jim Feldkamp Discusses the Recent Cyber-Attack on Honda's Global Operations

Cyber-security expert Jim Feldkamp discusses the recent cyber attack on Honda's global operations.

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, USA, June 30, 2020 / -- Cyber-attacks are a constant risk for major companies. On June 9, 2020, BBC News released an article stating that Honda had confirmed a cyber-attack. Cyber-security expert Jim Feldkamp explained the Japanese car-maker made a statement shortly before the article was published. Jim Feldkamp added that the cyber-attack is currently affecting the company's operations around the globe. 

Jim Feldkamp explained that Honda's cyber-attack affected the employees' ability to use email, access computer servers, and properly use internal systems. He stated that the company is working tireleslly to restore complete functionality of these systems. Unfortunately, Jim Feldkamp described that the problem is not an easy one to correct.

The company stated that the issue had spread throughout Honda's network. Jim Feldkamp explained that the company is drastically larger than many assume. While most know about Honda's car and truck production, many don't know the company also produces lawn mowers, generators, motorcycles and a long list of additional products. The company has manufacturing plants and sells products around the globe.

Experts like Jim Feldkamp know that repairing issues caused by a cyber-attack like this can feel nearly impossible at times. The company was forced to halt work at its UK plant and suspend some operations for plants in Japan, Italy and the United States. Cyber-security professionals like Jim Feldkamp have stated that this individual attack appears to be onein which hackers locked Honda employees out of certain IT systems. He explained this is known as a ransomware attack.

Unfortunately, Jim Feldkamp stated that it appears the cyber-attack has affected the company's manufacturing, as Honda has had to halt production and send workers home. Jim Feldkamp added it's important to note that Honda says data has not been breached. 

Ransomware attaches have been an increasingly popular route for hackers since the Covid-19 pandemic began. This is because hackers are using lures associated with the pandemic to attrack victims to certain pages or files. Amazingly, one insurer states that it saw a roughly 25 percent increase in ransomware attacks in the first quarter of 2020 alone.

Cyber-security expert Jim Feldkamp described that it's sad hackers are taking advantage of such unfortunate global events, but that's exactly what hackers do. He explained that such hackers love when people have more anxiety than usual, and they prey upon that. They use the fear of the pandemic as a reason to lure people to download files or click certain links. 

Jim Feldkamp added that he hopes Honda will resolve their cyber-attack issue soon, and that the knowledge they learn can help other companies and individuals from being hacked as well.

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