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How Students Can Increase Charity Work During Pandemic, Explains Dr. Freda Deskin

Dr. Freda Deskin ASTEC

Students Need to Continue Their Volunteer Hours Despite Pandemic, Dr. Freda Deskin Urges

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / -- Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students across the country participated in charity work. It provided them with volunteer hours that could help them with their academic standing, improve their chances for scholarships, and more. Freda Deskin, Ph.D., the founder of ASTEC Charter Schools, has worked with students throughout Oklahoma.

As a teacher, Dr. Freda Deskin acknowledges the many benefits of working with a charity. It can help students to support the community they live in. It can also teach the importance of giving back. The awareness that volunteering teaches cannot be taught in any other way.

Many students have stopped volunteering due to the pandemic. Dr. Freda Deskin urges students to continue to get involved inside of their community. This can be done by working with underprivileged children, offering academic tutoring, or even working volunteering at their school through Zoom, Google Meet or Facebook groups. Most organizations have access to one or both of these online platforms. Students can use Google Meet for free through their Google gmail account.

Dr. Freda Deskin has worked with a variety of non-profit boards and was selected three times for the “50 Making a Difference” award or The Journal Record. She has contributed heavily to the community and can provide recommendations for students looking to be involved. Dr. Freda Deskin suggests that students look at areas where they already have an interest. Many of the organizations Dr. Freda Deskin works with are for women and underprivileged children because it is where she is passionate. She talks about how girls can work with the Girl Scouts or even learn about some of the inner-city programs that can help to support girls who come from poverty.

Dr. Freda Deskin acknowledges that there may be more opportunities to volunteer with charities during the pandemic than ever before. Even if students want to keep a distance in order to practice social distancing, there are ways to help charities. It’s all about getting involved. Students may be able to get volunteer hours by offering online assistance, answering phones, and even performing marketing tasks.

Dr. Freda Deskin recommends that students set a goal for the total number of volunteer hours that they want to obtain. Then, they can choose to work with just a single charity or multiple, depending on availability and what the opportunities are. Most charities will be happy to have the help. Students can create a resume to identify what skills they have to ensure that charities know what support they can expect to receive. Upon completing volunteer hours, students should also request a formal letter to identify how many volunteer hours were performed. This can be used for academic purposes as well as to submit alongside scholarship applications.

Dr. Freda Deskin continues to support her community and strives to be an example for students of all ages. Despite a pandemic, she urges students to get involved and support charities in any way possible.

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