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Damned Designs to launch Kickstarter Campaign to help grow support for their new safe touch tool

safe touch tool

safe touch tool

Damned Designs Product Launch

Damned Designs Product Launch

A design company specializing in flip knives and everyday carry products designed their tool to help limit touching of public surfaces.

The product shouldn’t be confused as an anti-COVID tool, but rather a hygiene tool, the Shield is a simple tool, helping people to open doors, turn faucets, pick up items in public”
— Adrian Dsouza, Damned Designs Owner
BENSALEM, PENNSYLVANIA, US, July 2, 2020 / -- A Pennsylvania based Design Company, Damned Designs specializing in folding knives, fidget spinners and everyday carry products have recently announced its launch of their safe touch tool. The owner of the company, Adrian Dsouza shares excitement as they’re set to roll out a Kickstarter Campaign on 6 July.

Adrian has been in business since June 2017, and he’s built a reputation among competitors for his detailed and crafted products. The company which creates tough knives, fidget spinners and other everyday carry products managed to design their very own safe touch product. The concept was inspired by the successfully funded kickstarter campaign, Hygiene hand designed by a retired NYC Paramedic. “Our version, Shield has a robust yet lightweight design, keeping pocketability and ease of use in mind,” shares owner Adrian Dsouza.

Currently, Damned Designs are launching a Kickstarter Campaign that will help fund large scale production of the Shield tool, the campaign is set to launch on 6 July at 10 am PT. With this, they’re offering the first 100 backers the chance to purchase the tool at $25 (50% off retail price), followed by $35 for 1, $60 for 2, and $100 for 4.

The idea behind their Kickstarter Campaign is to get interested individuals involved in the adoption of newer and user-friendly safe touch tools. In more time, Damned Designs will hopefully become an expert in not only their current selection of products but may venture into more specified hygiene tools for everyday use.

Instead of replicating other safe touch tools, Dsouza has managed to completely redesign the product. The Shield is a folding tool, with an antimicrobial bronze hook. Research has shown that the deadly coronavirus can survive for multiple days on surfaces, but bronze and copper shortens the lifespan to merely four hours. New tools and inventions such as these have become more popular as the infection numbers are still on the rise.

“The product shouldn’t be confused as an anti-COVID tool, but rather a hygiene tool,” tells Dsouza. He goes on to say that, “the Shield is a simple tool, helping people to open doors, turn faucets, pick up items in public and it might also be of great help to those that suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.” Hygiene tools such as these are making it possible for individuals to limit their physical touch with public surfaces.

As governments and health experts urge civilians to limit direct contact with public surfaces, and many already disproved the use of disposable gloves, new safe touch tools are becoming a long-term solution. Dsouza has given much thought into their design as the mechanism can be deployed by a spring-loaded button, and can easily be closed when not in use. With easier functionality, Shield is easy to carry around in your car or purse and its lightweight design makes it more appropriate for elderly users.

“In times of urgency, and where we’re to avoid touching surfaces, keeping public places sanitized and limit interaction with others – our adaption to the coming months will only become a showcase of our human capacity to adjust to the evolving world,” he tells us.

The current infection numbers in the U.S. haven’t seen a decline in weeks, with Idaho, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona categorized as current hotspots for an increase of infection cases. The pandemic has seen millions of citizens displaced, and as the federal government battles with political instability, trust, and ingenuity to curb the spread has been placed in the hands of civilians. Newer ways to help stop the spread of COVID-19 have already managed to reorganize daily trade in thousands of businesses, restaurants, and health care facilities.

The campaign is set to launch in the coming week, but interested customers can view Damned Design products on their website, as the company offers convenient online payment options and hassle-free worldwide shipping from their fulfillment centers in the US.

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