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Kermit Ward Speaks Out in Two Interviews

Kermit Ward was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Kivo Daily and also spoke out on YouTube regarding achievement gaps in education

CLARKSVILLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2020 / -- Kermit Ward recently spoke out in two interviews. He was featured in an interview with Kivo Daily and he also released a video interview on YouTube regarding the achievement gap and how COVID-19 will impact education moving forward.

With decades of experience as an educator, Kermit Ward is the superintendent of the Clarksville School District in Texas. He holds a degree in Accounting from Baylor University and a Master of Education from Tarleton State University and is scheduled to complete all requirements the University of Texas’ Cooperative Superintendency Program in October thus gaining his doctoral degree.

In the interview with Kivo Daily, Kermit Ward spoke about working his way up his career ladder, describing how each role he took on was a step up from his previous one. This inevitably allowed him to get where he is today.

He also shared what he has learned about being an effective leader.

“A great leader has to treat others how they themselves would want to be treated,” said Kermit Ward.

“Everyone has unique talents and being able to pinpoint those talents is a key quality that any leader should possess.”

In his video, Kermit described how there is an achievement gap when it comes to education due to different financial circumstances for children at home. He noted how COVID-19 has put all schools on a level playing field when it comes to teaching, extracurricular activities, and music and arts programs. He did note; however, that access to technology and online learning can be a struggle for students in marginalized communities and that schools should take action to help these students.

Kermit Ward also noted how things should change when schools do reopen.

“schools will eventually reopen and when they do, we should return with eyes unclouded,” said Kermit Ward.

“Rather than finding fault with our schools and the educators that bring them to life, we might begin to wrestle with what it would take for students to enter on equal footing.”

He noted how the challenge now is for schools to develop learning programs that are available to all students regardless of their individual circumstances.

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About Kermit Ward

Born and raised in Waco, Texas, Kermit Ward is an educator with decades of experience. He attended Baylor University on a football and track scholarship and was named an All-American Athlete in his junior and senior years. He graduated with a degree in Accounting in 1992. He worked as a math teacher for five years before moving on to administration and earned his Master of Education in School Leaderships from Tarleton State University. He is currently working to complete the Cooperative Superintendancy Program at the University of Texas in Austin in order to obtain his Doctoral Degree in Education. He is entering his third year as the superintendent of the Clarksville School District. Throughout his tenure, Kermit Ward has effectively increased student achievement in the district from a letter grade rating of 67 to an overall district rating of 79 in one year and led the district to an A-rating with FIRST with a 98, and led the effort to pass a Tax Ratification Election (TRE) increase with an 85% approval rate.

Kermit Ward
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