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Ardeur Holdings Celebrates Milestone with 30th Brand Launched

Ardeur Holdings Hong Kong

Ardeur Holdings is Headquartered in Hong Kong

Ardeur Holdings Los Angeles

Ardeur Holdings' US HQ is in Los Angeles, California

Ardeur Holdings office

Ardeur is digital-first. A place where global brands are launched from laptops

Once a fledgling start-up, the venture investment & brand development firm Ardeur Holdings is now a multinational corporation with offices across 3 continents.

Some brands start local. We started global. That was our choice, and in today’s world, we showed that it can work.”
— Caroline Mercier, Communications Manager

SAI YING PUN, CENTRAL AND WESTERN DISTRICT, HONG KONG, June 26, 2020 / -- With the launch of its newest brand, Desklab, Ardeur has officially launched 30 successful global brands.

Ardeur Holdings is known for its unique take on product development and marketing. By diffusing its team throughout the world, it developed the unique ability to build supply chains, seek out competitive manufacturing partners, and engage in grass-roots marketing on a global scale from the outset.

“Some brands start local. We started global. That was our choice, and in today’s world, we showed that it can work,” said Caroline Mercier, Ardeur Holdings' PR Communications Manager. “Having said that, we are extremely lucky to have our international team on board. We’d be nothing without them.” Ardeur’s team is now over 100 strong, working towards a common vision from over 15 cities around the globe.

“Our global team brings more than diversity of thought to the table. It allows for fast and affordable access to the best materials, artisans, suppliers, and insights no matter where they might be located.” Ardeur has sourced materials from large manufacturers and local farms. It has over 100 manufacturing partners and has built a tightly knit global manufacturing and fulfillment network to maximize the use of high-quality, low-cost materials and to foster a global client base.

A secretive company, Ardeur Holdings has always avoided attention since its founding; opting to stay out of the limelight to focus on growth and its global aspirations. For the past few years, it has done just that. Ardeur has grown exponentially, solidifying its international partnerships and place in the direct-to-consumer eCommerce world.

Ardeur’s access to resources around the globe has also led to greater innovation. It’s been able to develop products that feature advanced technology like 4K Ultra-HD visuals, IPX7 waterproofing, and wireless electricity at an affordable price.

Ardeur is planning to launch several more brands in 2020 and has shown no signs of slowing down despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Additional significant milestones for Ardeur include:

● 80M+ brand impressions per month
● 700+ prototypes developed
● Products shipped to 163 countries
● Millions of customers

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Company Background:

Ardeur Holdings is a brand development and investment company and eCommerce retailer dedicated to bringing great brands to life.

Ardeur has merged a tightly knit in-house marketing and development team with global manufacturing and supply partners. This has allowed it to streamline the brand-building process without sacrificing versatility. The result is a global toolset in a crucible of design and development.

Ardeur has launched 30 brands and reached over 5 million customers in 163 countries. It has offices in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Kiev, Shenzhen, and Montreal, and its team of 90+ employees work in 15 cities around the globe.

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