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Alex Geordan Superintendent Discusses His Top Tips for Parents to Prevent Cyber Bullying

CANFIELD, OHIO, USA, June 23, 2020 / -- Alex Geordan superintendent discusses his top tips for parents to prevent cyberbullying.

Technology offers numerous academic benefits to kids. The internet gives them access to an unlimited amount of knowledge. However, the internet can be a difficult place for kids too, especially when it comes to bullying. Alex Geordan superintendent stated that bullying was traditionally solely something that happened in person-to-person interactions. Now, he describes it as so much more difficult to control.
Kids spend roughly three hours of every day online. Alex Geordan superintendent states that this is why the internet has now become the most commonplace for kids to be bullied. Geordan adds that this style of bullying can be much more difficult to police, as it's not often seen by anyone other than the child being bullied. That's why he's offering his top tips for parents to help prevent cyberbullying.

"Parents need to acknowledge how their children are acting when they get offline," Alex Geordan superintendent says. "A telltale sign of cyberbullying is if a kid is showing signs of anxiety, anger, or sadness after going online."

He adds that talking to your kids is the best way to combat cyberbullying before it starts. Alex Geordan superintendent states that parents should explain what cyberbullying is and what kids should do if they think they're being bullied online. Alex Geordan superintendent states that parents should monitor their kids when they're online, especially when using social media.

"It's the parents' job to know what their kids are doing online," Alex Geordan superintendent says. "A number of apps allow parents to monitor their kids' social media accounts and messages, so they can have a better understanding of their kid's online conversations."

Alex Geordan superintendent explains that the Pumpic iPhone app allows parents to monitor text messages, including deleted ones, and view their kids' social media activity. This app also allows the parent to control the phone or block it remotely. Alex Geordan superintendent explains that this app is one-way parents can check to be sure their kids aren't being bullied.

"It's essential that parents take steps to ensure their children are not the ones doing the bullying too," Alex Geordan superintendent says. "Our kids mimic much of what we do, and we need to set positive examples at all times."

Alex Geordan superintendent explains that parents can help prevent cyberbullying by being positive role models at home. He states that when kids hear their parents talking poorly about other people or bullying fellow parents, they perform similar actions on their peers.

"Being more aware of cyberbullying and the harm it causes will allow parents to do their part in preventing it," Alex Geordan superintendent says. "We need to make the internet a safe place for our kids, so they can continue using all of its advantages to better their education."

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