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JCA Medical Seminars Announces New Digital Online Courses in Continuing Professional Development/Education for Radiology

Radiology Imaging is Pregressing with Rapid Improvements in Technology

JCA Seminars announced today that it launched a new generation of digitally delivered, online courses for the radiology community building on its F2F seminars

To optimize JCA’s ability to serve clients inside UK and meet the demand for courses further afield, we have developed formal courses that can be delivered online anywhere in the world for CPD. ”
— Jane Chandler
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 23, 2020 / -- JCA Medical Seminars (“JCA”; is based in the United Kingdom. JCA was created 17 years ago to offer accredited services in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) serving the radiology profession. Historically, its courses for radiology professionals have been recognized as leading the field in global education and CPD.

JCA has announced today that it has launched a new generation of digitally delivered, online courses for the radiology community. This will build on its history of F2F course delivery in countries including not only the UK but also Australia and New Zealand, Malaysia and elsewhere.

The new digital online courses will kickoff with the specialist clinical area of radiological breast cancer imaging, a rapidly growing specialty. Future courses to be launched in 2020 will include topics such as MRI, prostate cancer imaging, PET scanning, MRI for Radiographers, Reporting Radiographers, Gynecology Imaging, and the Manchester MRI course.

The courses will include high quality lectures on clinical aspects of radiological imaging, live interactive discussions on image interpretation and course examination for each attendant.

Although F2F course delivery by JCA will continue to be in wide global demand, the online courses will enable JCA Seminars to expand its delivery worldwide, where it is seeing unprecedented demand from not only UK and Europe, but North America, Asia, Africa and India.

JCA’s radiology seminars enable radiologists worldwide to obtain the further educational credits they require to continue practicing from year to year, and to obtain insights into the latest technology.

JCA serves an audience of more than 100,000 radiographers and radiologists worldwide in offering CPD in the latest radiological technologies. Radiology is widely recognized to be one of the most rapidly developing diagnostic sectors due to revolutionary developments in radiology, including in MRI, CT, PET, Ultrasound and others. With the NICE guidelines in the UK continually updating and championing new technologies, the demand for training is perpetual and growing. The latest technologies offer less invasive procedures, better patient outcomes and more direct and efficient radiology.

For instance, according to the National Institutes of Health in the USA, advances in neuroimaging, mainly with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), are improving quantification, observation and investigation of cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) leading to improved diagnosis and treatment of stroke and dementia. This focuses on three areas:

• quantifying the total SVD burden,
• imaging brain microstructural integrity and
• imaging vascular malfunction.

JCA has been supported by leading names in the Radiology industry, including GE Healthcare, Hitachi, Canon, Siemens, BK Medical and Toshiba, all leaders in development of new radiology instrumentation and methodologies.

JCA is collaborating with leading edge production companies to offer top quality lectures, interactive discussions, educational sessions relating to image interpretation and examination facilities to ensure its well respected courses offer the best opportunities in the world for CPD in radiology. JCA’s courses are endorsed by the Royal College of Radiologists in London and extend to other similar organisations worldwide.

Jane Chandler, CEO of JCA Medical Seminars, said “To optimize JCA’s ability to serve clients both inside England and meet the demand for our courses further afield, we have taken the step of developing formal courses that can be delivered online anywhere in the world. This has already seen unprecedented demand for course attendance as we have been able to make our client base aware of this new capability, which sidesteps the current restrictions of travel and F2F meetings arising from the viral pandemic. We expect to announce imminently new courses for our clients who are based globally. ”

For more information about JCA Medical Seminars and partnering/collaboration opportunities for new business development, please contact

Dr. Bill Mason
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Jane Chandler
CEO, JCA Seminars
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About JCA Medical Seminars

JCA Medical Seminars (“JCA”; is based in the UK. JCA was created 17 years ago to offer accredited services in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) serving the radiology profession.

JCA brings together clinicians and health professionals to share their knowledge in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. This forms the basis for CPD and Education which is standard clinical practice worldwide. Demand for CPD in medicine has increased exponentially in the past few years, driven by the recent requirements for medical revalidation and annual appraisal, as well as profound changes in technology available to radiologists. This remains an underexploited market with fragmented provision and few commercial providers.

Since its inception, JCA has run >500 courses with 11.000 participants. In the last three years alone, they have run 80 courses with over 2,500 delegates. Demand for expansion is coming from Middle East, Europe and Africa, with increasing interest from the USA.

JCA courses have also successfully attracted strong industry support via sponsorship from global radiology companies including GE Healthcare, Siemens, Canon, Toshiba, BK Medical and Hitachi.

JCA works closely with the Royal Society of Radiologists and other similar professional bodies abroad, to determine how CPD for radiologists should be delivered. JCA have an inspiring and experienced medical faculty. JCA has achieved this through listening to clients and creating programs that keep abreast of latest developments.

JCA courses are now run globally not only in UK and Europe, but further afield. The last 1-2 years has seen increasing demand in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia and Dubai. There is also enormous scope for running courses digitally and online, although attendee interaction is important!
The annual UK CPD market for radiology alone is estimated to be ca. £50M. JCA now finds itself in the position of contemplating a major significant step change in the size of the business, being on course to increase revenues this year by 65% on an organic basis. This can grow further with new contracts in the Middle East, Asia and Antipodes.

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