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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, US, June 17, 2020 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is growing its range of services and offering different types of hot leads for marketing strategies. The company, which started as a provider of consumer mailing list services, is offering more specific services to its clients and is now targeting the luxury/holiday crowd with vacation and timeshare traveler lists.

Now, for businesses that target the travel demographic and similar sectors, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is providing vacation and timeshare traveler lists, which are similar to voter lists. These are especially advantageous for organizations that are trying to reach a specific demographic for their marketing interests.

Sprint Data Solutions And Their Story
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is owned and operated by a veteran. The company was the result of a decision to turn from serving the country to serving the businesses of America through mutually beneficial partnerships. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide first started in its home territory of Las Vegas, Nevada, and the staff members have over 50 years of collective marketing experience.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is a specialist in data and target marketing. Its goal is to provide clients with actionable information that can be used to reach out to individuals and get more effective marketing results. This kind of lead generation is well entrenched in the corporate DNA of the company since it got its start in the pre-digital era, providing valuable lists and leads for direct mail marketing.

Now, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has expanded its range and repertoire of services. What started as a business serving the needs of Las Vegas, Nevada has now encompassed the entire USA, including Alaska and Hawaii. It has even moved into international territory, providing solutions for Mexico in North America and France in Europe.
The services offered are much more significant as well since marketing has moved into the digital age. Direct mail is still a useful option, but it’s only one of many options available today, including email and text messaging. There are also lists that have to do with certain characteristics, such as those based on age or activities like participating in sweepstakes.

Who Are Vacationers, Vacation Club, Timeshare Travelers?
As many businesses know, one of the most lucrative demographics to tap for sales is comprised of tourists. People who travel typically plan on spending larger-than-usual amounts of money during their recreational period. While it’s true that destinations travelers go to are usually the beneficiaries of this spending, it also means that businesses within those areas can benefit as well. The trick, however, is being able to locate this demographic it is active.

Vacationers and timeshare travelers are similar. Timeshare is a business model where numerous people opt into the financial maintenance of a single structure, such as a beach house, cottage, or another recreational travel dwelling. A “timeshare” arrangement means that while everyone chips in to maintain the building, they take turns at different times of the year when it comes to staying at that destination. Vacationers, on the other hand, are people who take advantage of traditional travel accommodations like hotels or, more recently, “crowdsource” solutions like Airbnb for temporary living arrangements in other areas. Vacation Club members select available on these files make for even for precision marketing.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has lists of people who are vacationers or timeshare travelers, giving more data and possibilities to businesses catering to them.

A Useful Tool
Demographic lists are essential for marketing. Without an understanding of the consumer you are trying to reach out to, your marketing efforts can yield minimal, or worse, no results. When you can introduce your product or service to the consumers who most want them, that is when your leads will produce the best response rates that translate into higher interest and eventual sales. However, it requires research and effort to know where and how those interested customers are. That in itself can be a full-time job and not one that many businesses want to shoulder the burden of in addition to handling their existing product or service.

However, a list of vacationers and timeshare travelers eliminates the guesswork for travel-related businesses and industries. People who are planning to go on vacation can be hard to pin down demographically since the timing of vacations varies, even within a given period such as summer or Christmas season. Information about a timeshare owner of a residence, on the other hand, can be difficult to come across since it is not quite as accessible as that of a residential or commercial property owner.

The lists that Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers can dramatically increase marketing capability by providing a carefully curated list of both types of potential customers. Whether a business is interested in consumables for vacationers or trying to entice investment in more maintenance or furnishing for a timeshare residence, having the ability to know who their market is at any given time reduces the chances of their message not getting to the people most receptive to it.

Start Your Plans Today
With Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing vacation and timeshare traveler lists, you get the most valuable of qualities: currentness. An old, outdated list does no good for a business, especially as time-sensitive as those in the travel industry. The only way you can raise sales meaningfully is if you have a list of people who want your products or services right now, not last year. With a current list that is carefully curated, updated, and vetted, you get only leads that have the best possible chance of offering a response. All our lists are CASS certified by the USPS with a certificate with your order to ensure accuracy.

If you want vacationer and timeshare traveler lists to bolster your marketing efforts and reach a new market, then contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You’re supporting an American disabled veteran owned and operated company in doing so.

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