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New mailing list service for organizations seeking food bank donors and donations and is owned by a disabled veteran

Food Bank Donors Mailing List

Soup Kitchen & Homeless Donors

Charity Donors of All Types

Marketing for charities and those seeking food bank donations will get a big increase in potential thanks to a new lead mailing list service

LAS VEGAS, NV, US, June 8, 2020 / -- Recently, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Services have announced that they will be offering new mailing list services focused solely on the unique niche of food bank donations. An often difficult area of marketing, connecting with donors can be challenging for even experienced marketers and local leaders. With the right list of leads and prospects, organizations should be able to improve their results when seeking assistance.

These mailing lists will allow organizations building food bank stocks to reach out and connect with those who are more likely to be willing to offer donations and assistance, building up stronger food pantries for times of need.

The Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing Difference
Located and operating out of Las Vegas, Nevada, Sprint Data Solutions began their business by focusing on providing expertly compiled direct business mailing lists for clients. Gradually, they moved into the digital world and began delivering powerful email lists, social media lists, telemarketing lists, and more.

Today, they offer a wide range of professional mailing list services to their clients depending on the specific needs of each individual. They have more than 50 years of combined experience in different aspects of business marketing and are a disabled veteran owned company. Businesses can turn to them with pride and trust that they’re getting the best mailing lists possible including donor lists for food banks. Along with donor mailing lists, there are several other services and lists that can be leveraged to assist in contacting donors. Some of the services worth considering from Sprint Data Solutions include the following.

Artificial Intelligence Compiled Lists
In order to be the best they can be, mailing lists must be based on accurate data and large pools of information. Sprint Data compiles their mailing lists using artificial intelligence that reviews different data pools and identifies the best potential donors, every time. This ensures the best results, maximizes ROI, and helps food banks remain stocked.

Telemarketing Lists
Cold calls may not seem like they’re still in vogue, but they can often connect food banks with people and businesses willing to make a difference. Each call requires an investment of time, and maximizing that time’s effectiveness is important. Sprint Data Solutions offers telemarketing lists that will help organizations get the most from their efforts and connect with those who are more likely to make donations and help food banks remain viable.

Email Marketing Lists
Email has long been the preferred marketing method when it comes to digital marketing. This is still true when it comes to food banks, and one of the best options for those looking to reach out to potential donors is to use an email to connect. But as with any type of marketing, it is important to target the right people.
Sprint Data Solutions offers food bank email mailing lists that will connect with potential donors and ensure maximum ROI.

Text and SMS Lists
In today’s world, the majority of people have a smartphone or similar device. And while email lists may make it harder to get a response, most will at least look at a message sent via text or SMS. Those who want to get better engagement and make a connection with potential donors know that the first step is just getting a message in the eyes of those who may be interested. Sprint Data offers lists that are designed to connect with those who are more willing to donate and be receptive to messages and requests. These lists improve results and ensure that food banks get the most from their investments.

Consumer Postal Mailing Lists
Directly contacting potential donors via physical mail has always been an option and remains one. Contacting those who understand the importance of food banks is important, and this option offers a way to connect with them.

However, it’s never easy knowing just who to contact and wasting time, money, and resources on doing so isn’t worth it for most food banks. Sprint Data Solutions offers mailing services that are powerful and that will connect organizations with the kind of donors they need to get results. This saves money and helps food bank organizations find those who are actually important to their bottom line.

Business Postal Mailing Lists
While most food banks will be reaching out to individuals, it’s often a good idea to connect with businesses as well. Business mailing marketing lets food banks connect with businesses that are interested in making donations. This offers numerous benefits to the businesses that donate, but connecting with those that are willing to make a donation isn’t’ always easy.

Sprint Data Solutions offers marketing lists that let organizations connect with the right business and improve their results when seeking donations. However, it is a very unique area of marketing and as such it’s important to have a list of the right kind of potential donors. Sprint Data Solutions allows for better results and makes it easy to connect with businesses willing to make donations.

Getting More From Donor Requests
In a perfect world, food banks wouldn’t even be needed. But sadly, they are. And for those who are responsible for maintaining them and keeping them in operation and helping those in need, connecting with the right donors is incredibly important. It’s also now easier than ever thanks to Sprint data Solutions and their mailing lists services.

For those who wish to find out more about how Sprint Data Solutions can improve their ROI, get more donations and positive responses, and ensure a better future for their food bank, finding the right donors is a must. Contacting or visiting the website is the best way to find out more.

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