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Sell Your Vehicle by Completing Three Simple Forms Today!

Selling a vehicle? Don't worry, we've made it easy for you! Whether you are selling a car, a boat, or anything with wheels that is licensed, DOR has listed the following information you need to know.


When signing the title over to the new owner, remember to put their name as the purchaser and your name as the seller. Please sign the title, fill out the purchase date and the price you are selling the vehicle for. Remember to give the buyer the title upon completion. Along with the title, please fill out the Bill of Sale and the Odometer Disclosure for the purchaser to take with them to their local county treasurer's office. 

Seller's Permit

But first, upon selling your vehicle, remove your license plates and provide the buyer with a Seller's Permit. You can obtain a seller's permit by creating an account on Under the vehicles tab, you can print a seller's permit. Note: you can only reprint this permit once online within 7 days of first obtaining it. If you are unable to create an account or have exceeded your reprints or time online for the seller's permit, you will need to contact your county treasurers office to obtain one or get a new one. 

Complete This Permit

Seller's Report of Sale eForm

For your protection, the Seller's Report of Sale may protect you from liabilities resulting from driving or the movement of your vehicle after the date of the sale. By completing this form, you are notifying the state of South Dakota of the sale or transfer of this motor vehicle or boat. There are three ways you are able to submit this report: a paper copy can be submitted to your local county treasurer's office, you can file online at, or you can submit the Report of Sale slip from the bottom of the title or fill out the online form through the following link.


Bill of Sale

When you sell a motor vehicle or a boat, you as the seller are required to fill out the Bill of Sale form. This states that you are transferring your personal property from your name to another individual's name. Please print out your completed form and give it to the purchaser. The purchaser will need this document when they take the title paperwork to the applicable county treasurer's office to complete the transfer.

Complete this Form

Odometer Disclosure

Federal and state law requires that you disclose a vehicle's actual mileage on each transfer of ownership. Complete this disclosure statement if the vehicle being transferred is less than 10 years old and weighs less than 16,000 pounds. As the buyer, please print your completed form, along with the Bill of Sale form, and submit it with the title paperwork to the applicable county treasurer's office.



As the buyer, the following list is what you will need to have to complete your transaction with your local county treasurer's office:

  1. Title
  2. Title Application
  3. Bill of Sale
  4. Odometer Disclosure

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to your Local County Treasurer's Offices