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Avid Sailor James Feldkamp Discusses How the Lifelong Sport of Sailing Can Benefit Kids

Avid sailor James Feldkamp discusses how the lifelong sport of sailing can benefit children now and later in life.

ARLINGTON, VA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2020 / -- Sailing is a lifelong sport. It's not one that is outgrown after high school or that puts excessive wear and tear on the muscles and joints. Sailing enthusiast James Feldkamp recently discussed how sailing can benefit children now and throughout their entire lives.

James Feldkamp explained that sailing offers a variety of physical and mental benefits to children of all ages. These are benefits and lessons they can take with them throughout life. 

"Some of the greatest benefits sailing offers are related to mother nature," James Feldkamp said. "They learn to have respect for the ocean and the environment as a whole."

James Feldkamp explained that when kids learn to sail, they learn the power of the ocean, the wind and more. He described that kids learn to understand wind strength and direction, water temperatures and how to predict storms. James Feldkamp added that kids who sail tend to have a strong respect for the environment, which encourages them to keep lakes, oceans and beaches clean for current and future generations. 

"Sailing encourages self confidence and independence," James Feldkamp said. "Kids learn to pilot their own sailboats and be self sufficient. They learn that they're capable of achieving goals and solving problems, which helps build self esteem."

James Feldkamp added that as much as sailing promotes independence, it also promotes teamwork. Many times, sailing school instructors will allow groups of kids to pilot larger vessels. This means the kids need to work together to accomplish tasks, whether they're in a competitive race or simply heading to a particular destination.

"In a day and age when technology is transforming they way our kids learn and play, sailing is an opportunity to get outdoors and experience life away from the screen," James Feldkamp said. "When sailing, kids learn things they simply can't learn online, like a strong sense of direction, spacial awareness, physical coordination and more."

Additionally, James Feldkamp stated that kids who sail tend to understand water safety more thoroughly. The skills they develop allow them to remain safe in the case of an accident or emergency, and they're more likely to be able to help fellow sailors and swimmers too. Capsizing is simply a part of sailing, and learning to deal with these situations makes kids more likely to properly handle similar situations when they're outside of sailing school.

"Teach your kids to sail, and they'll have access to a hobby they can enjoy for the rest of their lives," James Feldkamp finished. "The countless skills they'll develop while learning to sail and navigate waterways are just added bonuses."

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