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Katalyst Beverage Introduces ‘Sippin Syrup’ - Relaxation in a Bottle

Sippin Syrup Relaxation Drink is a Balanced Formula of Herbs and Nutrients Designed to Promote a State of ‘Total Chill’

/EIN News/ -- BOCA RATON, FL, June 03, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Katalyst Beverage announced this week the introduction of Sippin Syrup, the anti-energy drink that helps you relax, unwind and chill.

“Sippin Syrup contains natural ingredients that help people relax and relieve stress,” said Ron Urban, owner and president of Katalyst Beverage, the parent company, which is based in New York. “We developed the Sippin Syrup dietary supplement because we saw a need for relaxation drinks during the current energy drink explosion.”

Urban said he created a relaxation drink with natural ingredients to give people an alternative to alcohol and drugs when they wanted to unwind during or after a stressful day.

“Sippin Syrup is the anti-energy drink with a proprietary calming blend of herbs and nutrients,” Urban said. “Sippin Syrup is delicious and will promote a state of total chill.

“Our mission is to introduce Sippin Syrup to fine stores throughout the United States,” he added.

The Sippin Syrup beverages include:

  • Sippin Syrup Purple, a sweet smooth grape flavor
  • Sippin Syrup Blue, a refreshing pomegranate-berry taste with no carbs, calories, or sugar
  • Sippin Syrup Kandy, a vanilla cotton candy flavor straight from the carnival
  • Sippin Syrup Mellin, a sweet watermelon/strawberry flavor

“We decided now was the right time to introduce Sippin Syrup,” Urban said. “With everything going on, people need to relax. Sippin Syrup will help you unwind, cool down after working out or relax before bed. Sippin Syrup will contribute to a good night’s sleep that will leave you refreshed for the new day ahead of you.”

Urban emphasized that Sippin Syrup contains natural ingredients that help people relax and relieve stress. The proprietary relaxing blend’s main ingredients include Chamomile, Lavender, and Melatonin. Also included are Vitamins B-3, 5, 6, 12, and Zinc.

Urban said research also suggests that B vitamins and Zinc have therapeutic effects.

“Even before the current health crisis, we lived in a hectic and stressful society,” Urban said. “I developed Sippin Syrup to help people relax during the day, after work or workout at the gym. If you want to chill, try Sippin Syrup, an all-natural relaxation beverage.”

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Sippin Syrup