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Angola reinforces cooperation with Asian countries

Luanda, ANGOLA, May 25 - The minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, addressed, during last week, the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation with his China, India and Indonesia counterparts.,

In separate telephone conversations, Téte António reviewed issues related to the most varied aspects (education, health, technical professional training, and agriculture, among others).

With the Chinese minister, Téte António, who thanked the support given to Angolan students in the city of Wuhan, also addressed the issue of debt, taking into account the current global economic situation.

The Angolan diplomat encouraged the interest of direct investment by Chinese companies, particularly in the productive sector, taking advantage of the privatization process of 195 public companies initiated by the Angolan Government.

The minister highlighted China's solidarity with African countries, including Angola, in aid of various kinds, with emphasis on the provision of assistance in matters of bio-safety, making known the efforts of the Angolan Government in tackling the pandemic of covid-19.

On his turn, the Chinese Foreign minister, Wang Yi, said that he is following the action of the Angolan authorities against covid-19, stressing that the good relations between both countries is a factor that puts China in better position to understand Angola's difficulties.

The head of Chinese diplomacy promised to encourage companies to make direct investment in Angola, especially after covid-19, as a way to further deepen the friendship between the two peoples.



Still within the framework of his diplomatic agenda, minister Téte António also had a telephone conversation with his Indian counterpart, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, with whom he discussed the current state of bilateral cooperation, as well as the prospect of strengthening it.

In the conversation, both countries’ Foreign ministers analyzed and agreed on the need for the holding of the Bilateral Commission meeting this year, planned for New Delhi, if the situation of the covid-19 pandemic allows it,  or else hold it by videoconference.

The two personalities also addressed the need to boost political consultations between the two ministries, allowing a broad and precise approach to the ways and means available to Angola, aiming at the identification and implementation of concrete cooperation projects, adapted to the new reality of the country.

In line with the goals outlined in the scope of the national economy diversification plan, cooperation with India is expected to be extended to key sectors such as agriculture, science and technology, health and medical sciences, education and manufacturing, taking into account the potential of the Asian country in these areas.

On the occasion, the Indian minister, Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, encouraged Angola to adhere to the International Solar Alliance Treaty, a common platform that will allow a combination of efforts and the mobilization of financial resources in favour of increasing the capacities of solar energy - clean and renewable energy.

On the multilateral side, the Indian minister said that his country is ready to host, later this year, the India-Africa Forum, initially scheduled for Nouakchott, in Mauritania, but which had been postponed.

He suggested paying special attention to questions related to the medical and digital areas, in order to find quick answers to mitigate the effects of the new coronavirus pandemic, particularly in Africa, where hospital and sanitary conditions are a major challenge.



Téte António, over the week, also talked on the phone with his Indonesian counterpart, Retno Marsudi, with whom he analyzed the bases for the re-launch of bilateral cooperation.

The conversation between the two ministers served to identify the priority points for re-launching cooperation, as well as the legal instruments that already exist between the two states and that the need to be revitalized them for their implementation, through the implementation of concrete actions.

The head of Angolan diplomacy expressed the need for the Indonesian minister to encourage businesspeople in her country to invest in Angola's productive sector.

The Indonesian authorities express their desire to cooperate with Angola in the fields of infrastructure, civil construction (roads), transport, among others.

Indonesia has been a partner in the field of south-south cooperation, since the days of the Bandung Conference, held between 18 and 24 April 1955.

Since then, Angola and Indonesia have maintained political relations, although in an indirect way, with political and diplomatic relations improving significantly in 2001.

Angola and Indonesia have signed several legal instruments of cooperation, namely the Visa Waiver Agreement on Diplomatic Passports and the Memorandum on Political Consultations.

The two countries have also initialled the Memorandum of Understanding between the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Angola and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, in 2017.