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Jas Mathur: The Power of Human Will

Is it hard to believe that one of the world's leading fitness experts used to have a 68 inch waist, weigh 450 pounds, and wore a size 6XL shirt?

New York, NY, May 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Yes, it’s hard to believe. But it is a reality for Jas Mathur.

The Power of Belief

Jas Mathur, owner of the celeb-friendly fitness and lifestyle brand, Limitless, is a comeback story for the ages. As CEO of Emblaze ONE Inc.. and Limitless Performance Inc., he develops brands and products across several industries, especially nutritional and beauty products to make the customer look good and feel good, both inside and out. While dominating the agency space, his goal is to empower people to be their best selves and achieve their goals and dreams.

In an interview for Muscle & Fitness, Mathur explains:

“I want people to understand there is more to weight loss than training. Overcoming emotional hurdles is far more challenging than transforming physically. The goal is to never let obstacles stop you from turning your dreams into reality. Also, meditate to unlock your true potential.” (Source:

Beliefs Create Behaviors

Even before Jas’ explosive success as a fitness guru, he was always driven. 

As a young teen, he began by producing and publishing backstage news in AOL and mIRC chat rooms. He used this experience to create his own message board-like websites and in less than a year, they became some of the most frequently visited wrestling news websites in the world. He sold his network of sites to a media conglomerate at 16 years of age and founded a series of successful companies in various industries such as satellite TV, digital surveillance, online dating, online gambling and internet advertising. Jas started importing products from China at age 19 and was producing over $50 million per year in revenue in the consumer electronics, digital security, and surveillance industries by his mid- twenties. What started as an online business, expanded into brick and mortar stores with retail, wholesale and distribution of over 2,500 SKUs.

Jas is a testament to a hidden truth of progress: one can only behave according to what they believe they can do and when he sets his mind, Jas can do anything.  Without a focused mindset, and a careful ability to discern what’s best for one’s self in a given moment, no one can genuinely achieve lasting change. 

Part of this focused mindset, according to Jas, is a willingness to reject the fear of failure. As he explains, “The majority of people in today’s society are hesitant to take a step forward toward achieving their goals and dreams because they’re afraid of failing.” Without taking risks and possibly failing at times, no one can truly succeed.  

Mathur’s inspirational journey continues to be featured in multiple publications including, but not limited to, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Muscle and Fitness, US Weekly, and OK Magazine, to name a few.                                                                                                 

Meditation: The Genesis of Breakthrough

At one point in his pre-fitness life, Jas bought himself an exotic car and tried to drive it… except he couldn’t fit into the car. This moment, compounded with others, helped Jas to realize that any failure that can be fixed by personal change is only a true failure if you do not change.  Jas made the necessary changes and any fear he held toward achieving his goals was nothing compared to the pain of continuing to live as he was used to living. 

One principle Jas emphasizes is meditation: a deep, mind-shifting focus on what you want and what you must do to achieve it. While some write off meditation as an archaic religious concept, Jas has helped de-mystify and popularize the practice for his family, friends, clients, viewers, and readers. 

Meditation is a focused art of mental mastery, and requires those who practice it to be vulnerable with themselves, limitlessly introspective, and open to change. Meditation asks one to tug at their beliefs, to question their assumptions, evaluate their fears, and re-orient their motives. For fitness gurus like Jas, it’s part of the process of transformation fitness at its core: deconstructing old beliefs that have created poor behaviors and reconstructing an entirely new set of beliefs that lay the foundation for better behaviors.

Not Even Technology Can Replace Human Will

Even with the dawn of technology’s rush into the fitness world, Jas remains adamant that one’s will and determination will always dominate their direction for personal fitness. Simply put, one will not continually do what one has not genuinely realized they want to do. 

“When it comes to fitness, there is no substitution for hard work, and there’s no device or gadget that will give you better results than you setting your mind to becoming the absolute best version of yourself and committing to that.” (Source:

Human change starts at the level of human beliefs and human will. And sometimes, seeing real-life examples, like Jas, of human will overcoming adversity, is all the motivation one needs to get started.


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