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Nano Hearing Aids complete successful veteran support outreach

Nano Hearing Aids - Reviews

Nano Hearing Aids - Reviews

Review and Compare Nano Digital Hearing Aids

The company recently gave 24 pairs of hearing aids to retired veterans, continuously during the COVID-19 lockdown.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, U.S., May 22, 2020 / -- In April 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released supporting documentation stating that the US currently faces a 14.7% unemployment rate – the highest it’s ever been. Nano Hearing Aids, a digital hearing aids company from Scottsdale, AZ – have given hope during difficult times. The company recently gave 24 pairs of hearing aids to retired veterans during the COVID-19 lockdown.

As many businesses remain closed, and people try to find balance in their lives, Nano Hearing Aids have managed to help retired veterans in dire need. The company which is based in Scottsdale, AZ have become widely popular over recent years, offerings better hearing aids at affordable prices. They’ve set out to deliver 24 pairs of hearing aids to retired veterans, by accepting emails from various people over the country. “Since Nano started we focused on eliminating the middleman, we want people to take back their hearing. We’ve always offered high-end digital hearing aids at a fraction of the cost,” shared a spokesperson of the company.

Early in March this year, the company released a statement saying that they will give away 24 pairs of hearing aids. In response, Nano received over 1,000 email submissions from an array of people across the country. “The need for better quality hearing aids is bigger than what you think. Those who received free hearing aids are stuck with mountains of debt and no health or life insurance. These veterans have fought in many ways for the people of the country, who are we to not give back to them?” says the spokesperson. With almost 1 in 20 Americans struggling with hearing impairments or hearing loss, Nano has stepped up to fight the ongoing battle. As a company with great hearing aid reviews, they are well-positioned to make an impact.

Many nations have recently fallen victim to poor and defected Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) manufactured and distributed by China. The same is also the case with hearing aids. As countries such as Australia, France and the Czech Republic back-out from Chinese produced PPE equipment - America is slowly taking the same route. As China still battle with the pandemic at hand, many factories have switched from regular production to manufacturing PPE equipment. “Although China has a massive production industry, the fact that the level of quality products delivered, not just PPE but hearing aids too aren’t always on American standards, shows that Nano has to help wherever they can,” tells the spokesperson.

For years the world has looked to China for means of mass-production, but as more and more products become faulty – companies are finding local solutions. “We’ve relied too much on other countries over years to develop and produce our products, hearing loss is a burden for so many, and it’s time that we find solutions,” shares the spokesperson. Nano has always stuck to its promise, and their customers have never been disappointed. The company ensures that their hearing aids will be of better value and longevity. Although the market is flooded with other somewhat cheaper and expensive brands, Nano has purely maintained a high standard when it comes to their products. The problem with buying the cheapest hearing aids and claiming a refund, is that it takes a lot of time and companies go missing. This is typically inconvenient for older people, who do not deserve a dis-service.

“It’s not something to ignore, but to stress the severity of hearing loss problems among Americans is daunting,” she says rapidly. Many Americans who struggle with hearing loss, and are in the position to have medical insurance will share the expensive price paid for regular check-ups. As many medical aid schemes still not cover the cost for these aids and check-ups, individuals are left to pay the bills. The company Nano Hearing Aids boasts a variety of different aids, catering to people with different levels of hearing loss problems. The solutions for technicalities with hearing impairment aren’t easy to solve, but the company is quickly leading the industry.

Hearing aids have always been believed to be expensive, out of reach and only available to the affluent. Nano Hearing Aids has built a reputation for being the solution to many peoples’ problems. As the demand for better and more affordable aids are on the rise, the company maintains great popularity among competitors. With many companies pulling out of the Chinese production market, we can only hope Nano will bring their assembly team to home soil.

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