PetCell Powered By GrowthCell Technology Launches on Amazon in Canada

PetCell Natural Pet Supplement

PetCell, a gourmet chewable tablet designed to compliment & enhance any feeding program, is powered by GrowthCell technology and launches on Amazon in Canada.

ALBERTA, CANADA, May 21, 2020 / -- GrowthCell Global Corp. is thrilled to announce its flagship pet product, PetCell, for sale on Amazon in Canada.

PetCell, is designed to compliment and enhance any feeding program and is powered by GrowthCell’s (TM) patented technology. It is a natural food grade fast acting, gourmet chewable tablet that contains nutrients critical to maximizing a dog’s health and lifespan, regardless of age or condition.

We are, equally, as thrilled that PetCell is registered with Health Canada Notifier Number H3R9 under the Veterinary Health Products Notification Program.

PetCell is the the first natural formula with classic amino acids, growth factors, vitamins, minerals, and infused ingredients producing therapeutic effects in the bodies of our pets, allowing them to receive total rejuvenation and anti-aging benefits. The growth factors in this formula replicate the way food was absorbed by their ancestors in the wild. In addition, the growth factors normalize or rebalance adrenal function to improve mood, energy levels, sleep quality, immune response and more…all the elements necessary for a dog to live a long, happy life.

"I discovered GrowthCell after searching for a product to help my aging dog's aches and pains. Two years ago he was barely able to get up to eat in the mornings and now he has less pain and more energy to run and play. I am so excited that our company is able to offer this product to every pet owner through Amazon. We know that our chewable tablets will help so many pets live a healthy, longer life,” says Vernon Parkhurst, Managing Consultant and Visionary of GrowthCell Global Corp.

Glucosamine and EVA (Elk Velvet Antler) are often given to dogs to help with joints, pain and anxiety and PetCell is an innovative alternative.

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“The vet told us, almost a year ago, that my 11 year old dog had melanoma so I introduced raw food and PetCell into his diet and he became very active and full of life again,” says Kari H. of Alberta, Canada.

GrowthCell is offering an introductory promo offer Buy Two and Get One Free PetCell on .

If any pet stores would like to carry PetCell, we do offer wholesale pricing and visit us on our website to get started.

About GrowthCell Global Corp.

GrowthCell is the exclusive global distributors of the patented active raw ingredient known as GrowthCell's Amino Acid Complex. It specializes in the nutraceutical supplement industry and is one of the most important bio-available additives in the industry for people and pets. The complex consists of 22 amino acids, cationic peptides, growth factors, miRNAs, embryonic peptides derived from fertilized hen eggs. Enhance | Stimulate | Rejuvenate

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