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LAS VEGAS, NV, US, May 27, 2020 / -- Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing continues to grow, with expansions into new regional markets, and how the great state of Hawaii has been welcomed into the Sprint Data Solutions World-wide Marketing family. A new Hawaii mailing list service has joined the ranks of other states provided for by Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. It is now available for both businesses within the state looking to grow their local market, and out of state or even international clients wanting to break into the state’s demographics.

For businesses looking to reach the general consumer demographic, the Hawaii consumer postal mailing list might be a good place to start, but there are plenty of more focused, industry-oriented opportunities available.

Who Is Sprint Data Solutions?
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing is American owned and operated, overseen and owned by a disabled veteran who served the country, then decided to help the business community. The company is based in Hawaii, and has over 50 years of combined experience in the marketing industry.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has successfully transitioned from analog to digital. The company got its start and early success in postal mail marketing, compiling lists to help businesses find their ideal customer base and get higher, more tangible results for their marketing efforts. As computers and online digital communication moved to the forefront, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing took its considerable data and experience, and smoothly transitioned to helping people market in the new digital age.

Today, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing serves not just its home territory of Hawaii; it has grown its operations to encompass the entirety of the United States, not only the continental portion. The new Hawaii mailing list service is just the latest example of this growth.

For people interested in targeting the Hawaii customer demographic, Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has a variety of mailing lists for different needs, such as:

Auto Mailing Lists
For people in automotive industries that are looking for customers with an interest or even enthusiasm in cars and other motor vehicles, it can be hard to target this demographic. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has already compiled data on demographics in Hawaii and other states that fit this unique criterion. Find motor vehicle customers faster than ever and enjoy the sales that come with them with this curated list.

Education Lists
Education falls into broad categories of students or parents looking to address educational needs, teachers who want to supplement their educational efforts, and those with a general interest in the education industry. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing can provide vendors in this area with the demographics they want to reach for a higher rate of interest and interaction.

Voice Broadcasting
The “cold call” can be a useful tool in marketing for attracting new business, but it often takes up valuable time for human staff that could be handling actual customer inquiries and providing a higher level of service to those already primed and engaged in buying. Voice broadcasting allows business owners to craft one perfect sales message, record it, and send it to customers, freeing human marketing staff to engage in more in-depth, high-level sales interactions.

One of the most popular forms of modern communication is still Text/Short Messaging System. There’s still a portion of the consumer demographic that prioritizes and responds to text messaging on cellular devices like phones. For people that want to reach out to this audience, a lot of time and effort and low results can be avoided by getting access to the right list of people for this market.

AI Compiled Databases
These days it’s not just enough to have a list of names; it’s better to have targeted results derived from an analysis of existing data. That kind of data analysis, however, can take a very long time in the hands of human beings. With machine learning and artificial intelligence, however, the software can now be taught to find the buying or response rate patterns that businesses are looking for, and present lists with a higher rate of effectiveness after processing all that data and presenting only the results that meet with the desired search criteria.

Hawaii Voting Lists
When it comes to demographics and specific, key interests, few lists are as valuable as voting lists. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has taken the time to compile these critical databases. Whether there is an interest in reaching a key age demographic, such as 65 and above, or target special interest groups, such as the LGBT community, this kind of targeted, precision outreach can mean the difference between winning and losing an election.

Turnkey Direct Mail Campaigns
Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing got its start in direct mail marketing, and this is an area that is still strong, relevant, and produces results even today. As a result, it should be no surprise that a comprehensive service is still on offer for businesses that want to use the “tactile advantage” that a direct mail campaign has over email marketing. From conception to print to final delivery at a customer’s door, we can help with this.

Hawaii Business Mail - Hawaii Business Lists
It’s not just the general consumers that are a valuable source of business, although we have that. Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing has also compiled lists of businesses for those companies that specialize in B2B products and services. The general consumer market is a valuable one, but not to be ignored are the many companies out there that are always looking for a new reliable vendor or partner to work with for the mutual benefit of both.

For anyone interested in more effective lead generation with mailing lists, email lists, business lists, and others contact Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing. You’re supporting an American company owned and operated by a disabled veteran.

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