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Reichen Kuhl Highlights Successful PETA Case Against OHSU in Response to Animal Experimentation

Reichen Kuhl

Reichen Kuhl

Author and lawyer Reichen Kuhl shares details of PETA's latest victory against Oregon Health & Science University over wicked experiments carried out on animals

PLAYA DEL RAY, CA, USA, May 19, 2020 / -- In a significant victory for the world's largest animal rights organization, PETA last month succeeded in suing Oregon Health & Science University and won. Touted by the organization to be both incompetent and outright cruel, PETA discovered incidents of animal neglect, abuse, and more at OHSU dating back a number of years. With OHSU found to be in violation of the Animal Welfare Act, Reichen Kuhl, a published author, U.S. Air Force veteran, lawyer, and attorney member of the State Bar of California takes a closer look at the case against the health and research university in relation to cruel animal experimentation.

"In response to unspeakable cruelty uncovered by PETA at Oregon Health & Science University, and in a significant victory for the animal rights organization, the Multnomah County Circuit Court has now ruled that OHSU must turn over dozens of videos of cruel, taxpayer-funded experiments carried out on animals," celebrates Reichen Kuhl. An avid supporter of PETA, Reichen Kuhl is also an animal-rights advocate..

Largely centered around animal cruelty, abuse, and neglect at the OHSU-operated Oregon National Primate Research Center, PETA filed a lawsuit against the university after it denied the animal rights organization's open-records request for access to video footage, according to Kuhl. "Until now, it was hard to imagine the full extent of the unspeakable cruelty monkeys must have endured at OHSU and the Oregon National Primate Research Center," he suggests, "as they tried desperately to bury evidence of their wicked experiments. What makes me most sick is trying to imagine being one of these animals trapped in OHSU’s labs--with no other fate than to be tortured by its staff with no concept of their own inexcusable cruelty. Faculty, staff, and even the students of the entire university should be ashamed that this was allowed to happen under their watch or paid for by their tuition."

Reichen Kuhl, Animal Rights Advocate

Footage from the OHSU-operated Oregon National Primate Research Center is believed to show experiments involving impregnating macaque monkeys before separating them from their offspring and trying deliberately to frighten them. Other experiments conducted at the facility are said to include addicting monkeys to nicotine and alcohol, as well as force-feeding the animals' junk food and lard.

"OHSU fought tooth and nail to prevent the release of these videos, yet the university has now lost, and the public has won," says author and lawyer Kuhl, speaking from his office in Los Angeles, California.

Public records show that Oregon Health & Science University is a serial violator of U.S. animal protection laws, racking up more than a dozen Animal Welfare Act violations in the last three years alone. Records also show that OHSU receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded grants annually, according to Reichen. The Oregon National Primate Research Center, he says, currently holds more than 5,000 monkeys. "Cruel animal experiments have gone on for years at the OHSU-operated Oregon National Primate Research Center," adds Reichen, "and yet, none of these tests have any value whatsoever for humans. That is inexcusable. And to think my own tax dollars paid for these atrocities is beyond what I can stomach."

"What's more," Kuhl goes on, "they're actively taking away hundreds of millions of dollars of grant money and other funding from valid scientific research."

Animals should not be experimented upon in these unspeakably painful ways, Reichen asserts, nor should they be born on or imprisoned on farms and terrorized for human food consumption. "I am extremely proud of PETA and all of its true-hearted members whose goal is to end suffering at the hands of humans for those who cannot speak out for themselves," he adds, wrapping up, "and, in particular, I look forward to furthering successful cases against those responsible for continued, cruel, and wholly unnecessary animal experimentation and exploitation both in the U.S. and globally going forward."

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