Cornbread Hemp Warns Against Claims Linking CBD to Coronavirus While Offering CBD Products for Relaxation & Dry Skin

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Cornbread Hemp is the first Kentucky brand to offer USDA certified organic CBD products.

USDA certified organic CBD oils from Cornbread Hemp

USDA certified organic CBD oils from Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp CBD lotion for skin

Cornbread Hemp CBD lotion for skin

There is No Peer-Reviewed Evidence That CBD Has a Positive Effect on the Coronavirus, But Hemp Products May Provide Comfort During the Lockdown

In short, do not use CBD as an antiviral against the coronavirus.”
— Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD, Cornbread Hemp resident pharmacist
LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, May 18, 2020 / -- Cornbread Hemp, a leading and trusted provider of USDA certified organic CBD oils and other full spectrum CBD products, today warned consumers against claims that CBD could cure or treat the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“We applaud the use of CBD-based products for their original intended purpose, like relaxation, skin care, and general wellness,” said Jim Higdon, co-founder of Louisville-based Cornbread Hemp. “However, we remain concerned by companies making false claims that recommend CBD as a way to ‘prevent’ or ‘cure’ the Coronavirus.”

According to Cornbread Hemp’s resident pharmacist, Dr. Leslie Mudd, PharmD, no studies exist that look at CBD as an antiviral in humans. “In short, do not use CBD as an antiviral against the coronavirus,” Dr. Mudd wrote in a post on the Cornbread Hemp blog.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone’s life in numerous ways, including a new focus on personal hygiene, both mental and physical. What CBD can contribute to this situation, according to Cornbread Hemp’s customers, is a sense of comfort through its USDA certified organic CBD oils.

Increased hand washing is another way everyone’s behavior has been affected by the lockdown. Washing hands repeatedly takes a toll on the skin, drying hands and leaving them chafed and red. Many people suffered from dry skin conditions long before the COVID-19 crisis. Approximately 10 percent of people suffer from hand eczema, according to the National Eczema Association. That’s 32.8 million Americans.

One proven method for repairing dry hands is to apply topical creams and lotions to moisturize and protect the skin after hand washing. Cornbread Hemp’s CBD topicals are made with full-spectrum hemp extract emulsified in a premium paraben-free lotion. This means Cornbread Hemp topicals do not leave a greasy residue like salves or balms. The company’s CBD Lotion for skin includes 200 mg of CBD and a sativa terpene profile with the aroma of lilacs and pine. It is designed specifically to support healthy skin and is perfect for hand care.

“There is a mountain of anecdotal evidence that suggests CBD can provide emotional and physical comfort,” Higdon said. “Many psychiatrists and academics have expressed interest and enthusiasm in CBD’s potential, and now that proper double-blind clinical trials are underway, we should be able to confirm soon what many CBD users already believe to be true.”

Cornbread Hemp’s certified organic CBD oils are made from Kentucky-grown organic hemp extracted using organic sugarcane ethanol and blended with organic medium chain coconut oil to create a CBD oil worthy of the USDA certified organic seal. All of the company’s products are tested in an ISO-certified lab for potency, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, mycotoxins, and more.

Cornbread Hemp is a leading provider of trusted, high-quality hemp-derived CBD products including a full line of USDA certified organic CBD oils, as well as full spectrum lotions, capsules, and pet products. The company sources all of its hemp exclusively from Kentucky farms and uses only the highest quality flowers in its extractions. The firm uses the same pure, naturally filtered water that made Kentucky bourbon so famous. That's just another reason why Cornbread Hemp is a Kentucky Proud company.

Co-founder Jim Higdon was recently featured in a Q&A with Forbes titled, "Solving Problems in Creative Ways." He was interviewed by Warren Bobrow, a Forbes contributor also known as the Cocktail Whisperer. Higdon told Bobrow: "My passion is to help people understand that hemp has always been with us. With this knowledge, people can understand that using hemp-derived full spectrum CBD products isn’t risky or deviant or naughty, but rather as American as cornbread."

Higdon and his co-founder Eric Zipperle began shipping top-shelf CBD products from in April 2019 and partnering with retailers soon after. Today, consumers can find Cornbread Hemp products in over 100 retail locations across 10 states. The company can be reached by phone at (502) 289-1552 and via email at Cornbread Hemp is currently engaged in a Reg CF fundraise on

(These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Cornbread Hemp products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.)

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