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Brad Pyatt Discusses His Wife Stephanie's TRUWOMEN Brand and the Benefits of Vegan Protein

Former NFL athlete Brad Pyatt discusses his wife Stephanie's TRUWOMEN brand and the benefits of vegan protein.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, May 14, 2020 / -- Vegan protein may sound like an oxymoron to many, but former NFL player Brad Pyatt and his wife Stephanie Pyatt are proving the masses wrong. TRUBAR presented by Stephanie Pyatt's TRUWOMEN brand, is a certified vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free energy bar designed for anyone seeking plant-fueled power. Brad Pyatt explains that TRUWOMEN'S TRUBAR energy bars are designed for everyone from busy moms to elite athletes.

"TRUWOMEN is designed for women who care about nutrition and don't want to sacrifice taste or heath," Brad Pyatt says. "These bars only include ingredients people can feel good about consuming, and that's of the utmost importance to us."

Brad Pyatt explains that the primary purpose of TRUWOMEN TRUBAR protein bars is to offer long-lasting vegan protein power. He explains that proteins help support energy levels, repair muscles, build strength, and even keep metabolism and digest functioning properly. However, Brad Pyatt, his wife Stephanie, and TRUWOMEN pride themselves on using fully plant-based protein in these vegan power bars.

"It's a common misconception that we need meat to fulfill our body's desire for protein," Brad Pyatt says. "That's completely untrue, and vegan protein is actually superior for digestion, cardiovascular health, metabolism, and more. Even better, vegan protein never contains unwanted antibiotics or hormones."

Athletes and nutrition enthusiasts like Brad Pyatt agree that "complete" proteins can be found in plants just as easily as they can be found in animal sources. Brad Pyatt explains that edamame, tempeh, brown rice, peas, and countless other plant-based food items are complete protein sources.

"TRUWOMEN products contain Oryzatein, a plant-based brown rice protein, and completely dairy-free pea protein," Brad Pyatt explains. "You won't find dairy, soy, sugar alcohols, or other unwanted ingredients in our vegan protein bars."

Brad Pyatt continues further to explain that the legumes, nuts, seeds, and other ingredients rich in healthy fibers make these protein bars beneficial to digestion and nutrient absorption. Brad Pyatt says they actually have the ability to reduce the symptoms of bloating that women often experience. He continues to explain that these products are lower in saturated fats and cholesterol than products including dairy. The healthy plant sterols in TruWomen power bars can improve overall well-being and heart health.

"Women lead the busiest lives," Brad Pyatt says. "They deserve a power bar that can provide the energy needed to power through a day without it being packed with unwanted ingredients. That's what my wife Stephanie has carefully crafted with her TRUWOMEN products."

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