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Encore Green Environmental and Power-On-Demand Partner to Make ESG Goals and Total Ecological Solution a Reality

/EIN News/ -- Less Cost, Reliable Gas Turbine Power and Better Stewardship Creates ESG and Ecological Solutions for the Energy Community

CHEYENNE, Wyo., May 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Power-On-Demand and Encore Green Environmental announce their working relationship to bring together new and cost-effective alternatives for environmental stewardship to the energy industry.

Encore Green Environmental is an agriculture company in Wyoming. CEO Darlene Nash says, “One of the missing pieces for our Total Ecological Solution has been cost effective power to transform wasted flare gas into electricity to run the water treatment equipment. Power-On-Demand brings their exceptional gas turbines, gas treating knowledge, and electrical know-how to these projects.”

Power-On-Demand is a Power Solutions company specializing in mobile gas turbines, bringing the conversion of natural gas to electrons for drilling, well completions, and production activities, along with the mining sector, greenhouse power and heating, wastewater/produced water conversion to usable water, and many other applications. 

“With this partnership, we will combine the use of exhaust heat from the gas turbine and electricity power in a high efficiency cycle, to treat the produced water for reuse in the agricultural space instead of disposing it in an SWD well. This creates a win-win not only for cutting the costs of disposal of the regulated waste stream of produced water, but smart use of energy by reducing flaring, and also for agriculture and ultimately for the environment as well,” says Pat Bond, President of Power-On-Demand.

Encore Green Environmental’s patent-pending Conservation By-Design™ is a system which cleans produced/by-product water from the oil or gas well to regulatory standards, then applies it on the surrounding acreage. The system provides clean water through its fail/safe system, which includes continual monitoring and public reporting of the water and soil, to create the Total Ecological Solution.

Most oil and gas producing wells also produce residual natural gas and NGLs, which are often flared because of perceived capture problems and low market value. The flaring of these associated by-products from the well pose significant air quality concerns, as they are vented and burned off to the atmosphere near the well site. With the Power-On-Demand gas turbine generators, this waste gas is captured and put to good use for both  ESG goals and a Total Ecological Solution.

ESG is a term describing major corporations’ commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governmental issues. Recently, major oil companies have announced their desire to fulfill ESG goals.

“ESG initiatives are, and should be, at the forefront of most all company considerations. Power-On-Demand can now provide an affordable, cost effective method to achieve ESG goals by using gas, that might otherwise be flared, and produce clean reliable power in large quantities.  Power-On-Demand is committed to offering solutions that just make sense over the long term,” says Bond.

“When we say Total Ecological Solution, we do mean total. The produced water is not put down an injection well at a high cost. Instead, this water is cleaned and re-purposed for agriculture or conservation uses, which increases vegetation. Greater vegetation increases the amount of oxygen released and the amount of carbon captured from the air. And all of this is powered by re-using the waste stream from flared gas,” says Marvin Nash, co-founder of Encore Green Environmental.

Both Encore Green Environmental and Power-On-Demand work throughout the oil and gas producing basins of the United States.

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