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Megaputer releases a new forecast of COVID-19 cases for individual US states and counties

BLOOMINGTON, Ind., May 11, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A prolonged nation-wide COVID-19 lockdown can have dramatic consequences for the US economy. Megaputer Intelligence seeks to provide federal and local authorities with reliable models predicting the development of the disease at different locations to substantiate difficult decisions on when they can restart economic activities.

Megaputer offers for free public use a new forecast for the number of COVID-19 cases and peak dates for individual US states and counties. The report can be seen here:

This interactive report makes 30-day predictions of COVID-19 confirmed and active cases, recoveries and deaths, along with the dates and locations of possible shortages of medical resources on the county level. The predictions are based on machine learning / AI models developed using PolyAnalyst™. They take into account past data on COVID-19 evolution, characteristics of each county (population, climate, and demographic profile), mutual influence of different locations in the US, and the data on COVID-19 progression in other countries.

“Instead of a single peak in the new confirmed COVID-19 cases for the US followed by a steep drop, our model predicts a long plateau of relatively high new confirmed cases extending through May 21st and a slow decline after that,” says Sergei Ananyan, Ph.D., CEO, Megaputer Intelligence. “The main reason is that while the states that got infected early like New York, Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, and Georgia are seeing significant declines in the number of new cases, for many other states like Illinois, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, California and Arizona the number of new COVID-19 cases are predicted to keep climbing for a while. Armed with the understanding of COVID-19 evolution on an individual county level, authorities should be able to orchestrate a safe and speedy return to normal life.”

Interactive graphical report:

Data sources used in the modeling: JHU, NYT, US Census, WHO, and CDC.

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US Peaks for COVID-19 Confirmed Cases

Screen shot of Megaputer's COVID-19 report on peak dates for Confirmed Cases