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Communities Benefit When NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals Are Opened

NeuroPsychiatric Hospital Cameron Gilbert

SOUTH BEND, IN, UNITED STATES, May 2, 2020 / -- Individuals who have both a medical and mental illness have minimal access to treatment. Most medical or psychiatric hospitals are not equipped to handle both issues. Lack of proper treatment impacts the individual, loved ones, and the community. By building a new NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, Cameron Gilbert hopes to improve the lives of patients and the community.

Why NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals Are Important

NeuroPsychiatric Hospitals serve those with medical or neurological conditions and mental disorders. Traditional hospitals and psychiatric facilities are generally not equipped to treat these patients. They require a specialized team of medical specialists and psychiatrists. These patients often pass through emergency rooms, which can't provide continuity of care. In many cases, the struggle with their illnesses leaves them on the fringe of society.

Lack of Treatment Leads to Incarceration or Homelessness

40% of people* with mental health conditions don't receive treatment. Many of these people will end up homeless or incarcerated, putting a burden on the community. 37% of inmates have a history of mental health problems. 45% of homeless individuals had a history of mental health conditions, and 25% were severely mentally ill.

Community Referrals

Each NeuroPsychiatric Hospital led by Cameron Gilbert accepts referrals from the community. These referrals include those from local hospitals and psychiatric facilities, but also churches, homeless shelters, and individuals from home. Many times those with medical and psychiatric illnesses slip through the cracks. They may be hesitant to seek treatment or unaware that proper treatment is available.

DALY Impact

DALY is a method of measuring the impact of disorders and diseases. DALYs stands for Disability Adjusted Life Years. Neuropsychiatric disorders, including mental, behavioral, and neurological disorders, are the third leading cause of DALYs globally. This measure is based on the years of healthy life lost due to illness or disease.

Opening New Neuropsychiatric Hospitals

When it comes to a new NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, Cameron Gilbert is leading the way. NPH is opening new hospitals in Texas and Arizona. Cameron Gilbert stated, "Our unique patients require full-time treatment from both medical and psychiatric specialties and belong to an excessively growing population of patients with little to no treatment options." He also explained that these conditions impact people of all demographics, equally affecting the lives of all societal groups.

Neuropsychiatric Hospitals Can Save Lives

With each new NeuroPsychiatric Hospital, Cameron Gilbert hopes to not only support the community but save lives. Half of the patients cared for at NPH hospitals are homicidal or suicidal. The most significant impact for these communities is allowing patients to get the proper medical and psychiatric treatment, which helps prevent tragedies and loss of life.


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