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Allison Scollar: The ABC's Of Your CBD Business

Allison Scollar New York

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2020 / -- Allison Scollar explains that cannabidiol or CBD has been on-trend, as of late. Though it has been around for decades, it is currently enjoying a recent surge in its popularity. Individuals use CBD for everything from anxiety and depression to bad facial acne. It is thought to be the end-all cure-all.

Allison Scollar is a multi-faceted consultant in this area. Through her consultant work, she has partnered with entrepreneurs who want to cash in on the lucrative benefits of CBD, while providing a viable medicinal option for consumers.

Allison Scollar is a native New Yorker who takes advantage of the brilliant sights and sounds of the city. In conjunction with her consultant work, she puts her time where her passion is. She is on the board of the Concert Artist Guild. Here, she has the opportunity to bring artistic endeavors to light. Allison Scollar is an innovator on the move. Allison brings this resilience and zest to her consultant work. Alternative medicines? - why not! Allison Scollar shows her clientele how to take the proverbial bull by the horns and how to run with it - all with New York vigor.

Allison Scollar understands that the most important ABC of the CBD business is to be open to new avenues and forums for the product. To that point, she has been working with companies on various groundbreaking CBD products.

Allison Scollar Wants Us To Get Ready For A New Strip Of Energy!

She is currently working with a company that is bringing forward a CBD film energy strip. The CBD film energy strip is a patented product and it's just what the market has been waiting for. A striped down boost of CBD energy without the unnecessary ingredients. The strips also include electrolytes so it won't be necessary to drink a whole bottle of electrolyte-enhanced beverage. The strips provide a fast and easy way of returning electrolytes to a deprived system.

Allison Scollar Proclaims: No More Out-Of-Stock Vending!

After your intense gym workout or your uber-relaxing yoga class, you can get your CBD products at a vending machine. One of Allison Scollar's clients is hard at work on this innovation. CBD products will be available in vending machines throughout many yoga studios and gymnasiums all over the country. If the particular item you desire is out of stock, these "smart" vending machines will make certain that the product is delivered to you the very next day. All of this without having to stand in line or go online to make a purchase. Your purchase is made on location at the vending machine. As an added bonus, the vending machines offer a no contact distribution of multiple products. The CBD products that are distributed are safe and offer a substitute to anti-anxiety medications or sleep aids.

Clients find her consulting energy second to none. Allison Scollar's background in law and real estate led to her brokerage of some of the most incredible real estate deals in Manhattan, New York. Allison Scollar knows how to integrate her interests with an incomparable business savvy. She is a motivator for excellence and is truly an innovator to be reckoned with.

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