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Automating the Process of Ensuring Workplaces and Venues are Safe and Covid-19-free

NEW YORK, April 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Chelsea Health Solutions (CHS), a New York based innovator in health technology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its third product, Cleared4Work™, an innovative new platform designed to foster safety in the workplace during the coronavirus pandemic.

Open Up America was unveiled by the White House on April 15th, 2020 to allow societal reintegration after shutdowns created by Covid-19. In this plan for resuming normal activities in the workplace, the plan stated it is mandatory that employers take the responsibility to “Monitor workforce for indicative symptoms…and not allow symptomatic people to physically return to work until cleared by a medical provider.” This new rule puts an enormous strain on all companies, especially smaller and mid-sized companies that have fewer resources to deal with this crisis.

Cleared4Work is a sophisticated platform that ensures compliance with these new government mandated safety rules by automating the entire compliance process including the monitoring of employees’ Covid-19 symptoms, quarantining those at risk, and enabling low risk employees to return to work.

“Companies are going to need a safe, automated way to comply with federal regulations regarding internal monitoring for Covid-19 when their employees return to work,” said Dr. Soumi Eachempati, Co-Founder of Chelsea Health Solutions and former trauma surgeon and professor of public health. “Cleared4Work has been designed to comply with these regulations and can be immediately implemented into their technology platforms now so that these companies can be ready when their employees are preparing to return to their businesses over the coming months.”

Cleared4Work is a comprehensive platform that provides a higher level of safety in the workplace where Covid-19 cases could occur and afflict other individuals. Cleared4Work includes a symptom monitor based on technology pioneered from Cleared4Work also includes a review of each individuals’ risk factors for inspection or exposure, and provides a useful dashboard to allow real-time contact tracing which can potentially prevent individual cases from developing into larger office outbreaks. Cleared4Work can also incorporate Covid-19 disease and serology antibody testing to be added to the employee profiles so they can be monitored more appropriately to be potentially cleared for work.

An innovative component of Cleared4Work is its automation which requires limited client involvement once implemented.  Employees receive a text with a brief questionnaire that can be completed in under 90 seconds upon initiation. Subsequently, employees can receive further notifications for continued monitoring depending on changes of risk and symptoms as well as the needs of the clients.  The results of each individual are aggregated into an easy to read dashboard that further ensures employee safety is being maintained.

Cleared4Work is easy to implement and can be integrated into the information system of a new client within 24 hours. Prospective clients should visit to learn more about getting a demonstration, configuration options and pricing.

About Chelsea Health Solutions
CHS is based in New York, and an innovator in Health Technology.  Over the past three years, CHS has been building innovative solutions to improve the effectiveness of remote patient monitoring and at-home symptom checking.

In 2018, CHS launched its 1st product - GONOGO. The app was launched as the first sophisticated and customizable symptom checker. It was designed to reduce the long wait times associated with often unnecessary ER visits.  It is available in both IOS and Play store under GONOGO HEALTH.

In early March, 2020, CHS adapted its groundbreaking Symptom checking platform GONOGO and released its second product, FluChecker. FluChecker was the first widely available symptom checker specifically designed for Covid-19, even before the CDC or the large technology companies that subsequently created symptom checkers for this disease., available online and mobile web, uses current CDC, FDA recommendations, custom algorithms and standard medical guidelines to assist the consumer in gauging what level of medical care they may need based on their symptoms.

In April 2020, CHS launched its’ third product, Cleared4Work, which extends the FluChecker symptom monitor into a full-service platform for employers to monitor employee symptoms and automate the management of the implementation of Covid-19 related safety procedures.

Both the original GONOGO app and FluChecker were developed out of The Spur, a co-working and innovation hub on the East End of Long Island. The Spur prides itself on being able to accelerate local business ideas and help them scale nationally.

Health Warning
Neither nor GONOGO is a substitute for the work of medical practitioners or local health authorities. Neither nor GONOGO create medical standards.

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