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Johnny’s Ambassadors Launches on 4/20, Combating High Potency THC and Marijuana

DENVER, April 20, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Laura Stack announced today, 420, the launch and official filing of their 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for Johnny’s Ambassadors, Inc. Their mission is to provide instruction and education to parents and children about the dangers of high-potency THC on the developing brain, adolescent mental health, and suicidal ideation.

Johnny’s Ambassadors is gathering first-hand video testimonials from young adults who have personally experienced psychosis, mental health issues, and/or suicide attempts because of high-THC marijuana products. Among other initiatives, they aim to create an 8-week curriculum of these videos for middle and high school counselors to show their students during access time to educate them about today’s THC products, why it’s different from “your mother’s weed,” how to recognize it, understand what it can do to the brain, and be ready to make wise decisions when it’s offered to them.

Ms. Stack, who lost her son, Johnny 5 months ago and for whom the organization is named, said, “Our mission is to educate parents and encourage conversations with their children, as well as provide resources for those already struggling. Our goal is to prevent any other senseless deaths like that of our son Johnny, who died by suicide because of this drug.”

Adolescents can take the pledge to stay away from pot and share their goals with their parents, with an optional incentive for sobriety. The curriculum provides alternative coping strategies for anxiety and depression, including counseling, legitimate prescription medications, exercise, and other resources.

Additionally, Ms. Stack recommends, “If your teen mysteriously wants to leave the house at 4:20 today, MAKE SURE THAT SHIP DOESN’T SAIL! Please make other parents aware and post on social media.”

Between 420 and May 5, 2020, #GivingTuesdayNow, Johnny’s Ambassadors is collecting donations to support their cause in 420 increments:  $4.20, $42, $420, or $4,200. You can learn more and donate at

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Laura Stack
Johnny’s Ambassadors  | 303-471-7401

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