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Aaron Schlossberg Explores Contract Disputes Due To Covid-19 Disruptions

Aaron Schlossberg Attorney

Aaron Schlossberg, Attorney, discusses how the COVID-19 pandemic is resulting in a different legal approach to contract disputes.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, April 10, 2020 / -- The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a significant amount of economic disruption. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg has explored what it means for companies to have contract disputes at this time. With businesses shutting down and adjusting the way that they operate during this unprecedented time, some contracts are being called into question. As such, disputes break out that need to be dealt with in a timely and legal manner.

While companies are always going to encounter contract disputes, they need to be handled differently during the pandemic. Much of this has to do with how government regulations are being taken into consideration. Some companies do not have the ability to comply with contracts as they are written. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg reminds companies that this is a difficult time and not all contracts can be followed.

Aaron Schlossberg, attorney, also discusses how some contracts are written with clauses that cover certain scenarios. It’s not uncommon for contracts to provide loopholes that pertain to ‘Acts of God.’ However, there are also many courts that are still deciding whether a pandemic falls under an Act of God.

Additionally, some contracts will also have what is known as a ‘force majeure’ clause in place. Attorney Aaron Schlossberg identifies that many commercial contracts will have some kind of clause to protect in the event that there is a breach of contract. If there is no specific mention of “pandemic,” it can be difficult to get out of contractual obligations.

Aaron Schlossberg, attorney, suggests that all companies that are dealing with a contract dispute reach out to an attorney. It will make it possible for the contract to be read to determine if there are any clauses that can be of assistance. Further, there may be the need to invoke legal protection in order to prove why a contract cannot be carried out based on what’s happening.

As there are more COVID-19 disruptions from the government, Aaron Schlossberg suspects that there will be more contract disputes. Prior to going directly into a lawsuit, Schlossberg recommends using mediation when possible.

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Attorney Aaron Schlossberg is based in New York, serving not only the Eastern District of New York but also clients in New Jersey and abroad. Aaron Schlossberg is a business and commercial law attorney, focusing on contract resolutions, insurance law, and dispute resolution. He is committed to getting highly effective results. He has the experience to build cases for his clients when litigation is unavoidable. Further, he has been working with many clients since the COVID-19 pandemic began, ensuring that their contracts are secure enough to avoid contract disputes.

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