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Leading Cloud Backup Brand Launches Game-Changing Distributor Solution

BigMIND Distributor

BigMind, an industry leader in cloud backup, launches a innovative solution for its distributors to effortlessly manage their partner accounts.

LONDON, HAMMERSMITH, UNITED KINGDOM, April 13, 2020 / -- BigMind, an industry leader in cloud backup solutions, is offering a new support product for its distributors to more effortlessly manage and maintain their partner, and white label accounts. The Multi-Tenant System, or MT System, provides streamlined profit-margin solutions for BigMIND distributors.
Solving problems is the essence of the business for IT solution providers, but what happens when providing answers creates problems? Too often this can become the case for distributors who offer multiple products through a variety of partners. Keeping track of these moving parts as well as tracking each partners profit margins can sometimes be a distributor’s biggest problem.

For many distributors, tracking profits from the array of services that are offered can be tedious at best. With our MT System, BigMIND Distributors enjoy the flexibility and control to set their own market prices for BigMind's cloud-based solutions, but also receive the necessary support to build a lucrative reselling business, properly manage partner accounts, and meet profit goals.

When you sign up to the BigMind MT System, you in turn become a BigMIND Distributor, and are able to offer one of the many cloud backup options BigMIND provides. As a BigMIND Distributor, you're not only guaranteed a fixed 10% commission, but are also given the opportunity to earn more by utilizing one of the many MT console features - the MT Wallet. The MT Wallet allows you to allocate and manage credit that you assign to your partners, and white-label users you work with as a distributor; and, whenever you top-up pre-paid credit to the MT System, you'll receive up to an additional 25% extra credit.

While the MT Wallet is rewarding, the MT System's account management is unparalleled- allowing complete flexibility to set individualized unit prices for each partner. The competitive base line MT price gives BigMIND Distributors the chance to become immediately profitable by allowing them to fully control the resale prices - as long as your resale price is above the baseline price, you'll be earning. Not all partners are created equal, and that's why the MT System allows customized pricing for each partner. By having the ability to individualize pricing, BigMIND Distributors are able to set attractive price points for every level of partner they work with to ensure the most efficient profit model is applied.

Along with profit-margin and account management, BigMIND’s MT System offers regular system reporting delivered right to your inbox. Email notifications alert distributors of partner account activity including credits, debits, and low balances. Each day, the reporting system will alert BigMIND Distributors of the credit received back from partners, as well as highlighting daily profits, and credit back.

BigMIND's MT System offers not only cloud-backed solutions for end-users but management solutions for its cloud product distributors. By providing a way for BigMIND Distributors to streamline their own profit-model and reseller management platforms, distributors are able to focus on their goal to provide problem-solving products with ease.

Over 3 million business users worldwide already trust BigMIND to provide secure cloud-backed storage solutions, and now with our MT System, distributors can confidently offer those solutions with ease.

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