Ageless Authors Offers Writing Contest Dedicated to Crisis; All Senior Writers, Poets 50 and Older, May Enter

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Coping With Crisis

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Prose, Poetry Competition Deals With Pandemic and Other Crises

This seniors writing contest examines the idea of crisis in its many forms.”
— Executive Director Larry Upshaw
DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, April 2, 2020 / -- We are all caught in the jaws of a crisis, but no one has quarantined our creativity. Ageless Authors is offering older writers an opportunity to comment on our current travails, as well as perilous times in the past, the future and wherever our imaginations can take us.

Coping With Crisis is the theme of a new writing contest sponsored by Ageless Authors, the international writers group and publisher devoted strictly to senior writers and poets. For this contest, the definition of “senior” has been expanded to include anyone age 50 and older.

Beginning Monday, April 6, senior writers can enter any of three categories -- creative nonfiction prose, fiction prose and poetry -- from the group's website. The contest runs through July.

“We have millions of people either sheltering in place, self-isolating or simply trying to stay safe with less movement,” says Larry Upshaw, Executive Director of Ageless Authors. “This contest gives us a constructive way to spend our time, using our talents to define this crisis or write about crises of the past. This isn’t just about coronavirus. We are examining crisis in all its forms.”

Prose entries (short stories or essays) are limited to 3,500 words, while poetry can be any length. Cash prizes will be awarded based on the entry fees received. The fee for each entry is $20. Prize winners will split a pot of approximately $1,500. Outstanding entries that don’t win a money prize will be judged honorable mention or recognized and certificates will be awarded.

Ageless Authors is best known for encouraging and promoting the work of senior writers through these writing contests, publishing the best work from the contests and offering publishing assistance to older writers.

“With this contest, for the first time, we are adding senior writers age 50 to 64 to the 65 and older group,” says Upshaw. “We are all being asked to stay home, so why not give this ‘junior division’ of senior writers the opportunity to show their creativity.”

Here are some subject areas entrants can explore:

• How this pandemic could turn out. What does the future hold?
• What does this mean to the world’s population?
• A rant about government action (but be clever, humorous or in some way more creative this pandemic than TV pundits.)
• Tell us about another crisis, how it compares to this one, how you survived it.
• What does the virus do to a person? Possible first-hand accounts?
• If the effect of this crisis on your family has been extreme or you have a twist, tell us.
• What does it look like inside a hospital, nursing home, your home?
• Tell us about a personal crisis in your life or someone else’s life. Can be a completely different kind of crisis.
• What do we need to solve the coronavirus problem?
• Outlandish solutions from your imagination.

Upshaw says there are many more story lines, focuses, directions your imagination can take. “You should have plenty of time to reason through it,” he says. “Let your mind wrap around this and the imagination take over.”

The group also needs judges of all ages to read and evaluate the entries on a volunteer basis. Go to the Contests page of for more information, to enter the contest or qualify as a judge.

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